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Cheap Jerseys uyak1fp1

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“Things are going to be dynamic as we go along and we have to look at the dynamics of the situation. I cannot allow myself to fall into a modus of pettiness where I just say, ‘oh, I was promised this and I was promised that and the other thing and I didn’t get it’.” – Prime Minister Moses NagamootooFollowing growing unease over departures from the Cummingsburg Accord, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo has stated that the Accord is not set is stone and is still under review.Guyana’s newest Prime Minister dismissed suggestions that his position is ceremonial, emphasizing that he is “fiercely involved” in the country’s administration.Prime Minister, Moses NagamootooNagamootoo made the assertions during Sunday’s broadcast of Hard Talk on 90.1 Love FM.During the hour-long interview, Nagamootoo spoke on a number of issues, including any adjustments to be made to the Cummingsburg Accord signed between the APNU and the AFC in February.According to Nagamootoo, the implementation of the Accord was seen as a way to help the coalition achieve its agreed understanding on a way forward. However,Cheap Jerseys USA, he said, the Accord is not immutable and is therefore subject to change.“The Accord is not cast in stone; things are going to be dynamic as we go along and we have to look at the dynamics of the situation,” he said.In recent weeks, concerns had been raised that responsibilities that had been set out in the Accord for the Prime Minister were not being adhered to. The PM had been designated a number of responsibilities, including the management of Domestic Affairs and the chairing of Cabinet.Clearly aware of the growing unease in the country, Nagamootoo emphasised that there was only understanding on his part in regard to any shifts in the Accord.“I cannot allow myself to fall into a modus of pettiness where I just say, ‘oh, I was promised this and I was promised that and the other thing and I didn’t get it’,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China,” he said. He continued, “This is not about the I’s…This is about us; this is about ‘awe dese’ and this is how the approach to the Accord has to be.”He further said that the coalition must consider whether the Accord is working well and in totality.“There might be some irritants but I think the idea is for us to fulfill the spirit of the Accord…. We are doing that in the Accord right now and I can tell you this, it has been working…there is a practical side, a pragmatic side and a legal side as to how things have to be done.”However, the PM admitted that there are some areas where questions have been raised over whether they are being done in a way that they ought to be.One of these areas, he said, was the issue of whether he should be chairing Cabinet. He added that the issue had been a contentious one.According to Nagamootoo,Jerseys Authentic Stitched, he had been strongly endorsed by the AFC as the party’s Presidential Candidate for a number of years while Nigel Hughes had been endorsed as his running mate. However, he said, they had respectfully declined.He further said that he had not been a part of the Accord’s negotiations and subsequently saw that the Accord assigned the PM as Cabinet’s chair.“If I were there I probably would have given a different input into that,Wholesale Jerseys,” he said. He continued, “I said that at the time people were just trying to make me look good. It’s like, okay, they took away the presidency from this guy, what would make him good? Let’s make him the chairman of Cabinet.”He emphasised that having power was not his main concern. Rather,Cheap NFL Jerseys Online, he said,China Jerseys Wholesale, “the deal breaker was Guyana and if I play a role that helps Guyana, then I will be willing to work with David Granger as the President.”Meanwhile, Nagamootoo emphasised that he is an active participant in the country’s running. He explained that he had been involved in a number of processes,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, including the reduction in the number of ministries and the designation of portfolios. He added that he also had overall responsibility for Domestic Affairs, a job which has seen ministers routinely calling him to consult on a way forward.“The Prime Minister is more or less a partner of the President and we consult on a number of issues…I am not a ceremonial Prime Minister. I’m a politician and I am fiercely involved in the administration of this country,” Nagamootoo stressed.“In terms of where I am as PM and First VP, I believe I occupy a very strategic role in the administration of the country’s affairs.”According to Nagamootoo, a bi-partisan team is reviewing the Accord with a view to seeing that there is implementation of the agreement.While AFC’s Chairman Nigel Hughes will be leading that party’s team, APNU’s team will be led by Joseph Harmon. The PM further said that two persons have been identified as arbitrators and will be present to referee contentious issues.He indicated that these arbitrators are yet to be identified though some names are up for consideration.
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