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Wholesale NFL Jerseys EU

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The European Union (EU) and Iwokrama International Centre for RainforestHead of Delegation Robert Kopecký (right) Vanessa Benn, Coordinator EU-ACP Forestry Research Network Project (centre),Wholesale NFL Jerseys, and Vibert Welch, Operations Manager,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, IICConservation and Development (IIC)’s project geared at promoting sustainable fishing and enhancing tourism in the North Rupununi is expected to conclude in June.Called the Sustainable Tourism Development and Fisheries Management project, it began in December 2009.The EU is providing 90 percent of funding for this 300,000 Euro project with IIC providing the remaining funds.  IIC will continue to work with the communities beyond the close of the project to further build on capacity.Between April 12 and 14,Cheap China Jerseys, Head of the EU Delegation to Guyana, Ambassador Robert Kopecký, accompanied by officials of IIC, visited the project to appreciate the impact of the project, as it comes to an end.Kopecký stated that such a form of Guyanese–European cooperation is in line with EU’s global priorities in the area of sustainable development and the environment.“I was heartened to see tangible results of all the different programmes, which are the product of a lot of effort and devotion of real people,wholesale nfl jerseys, all this on the eve of the upcoming Rio+20 Conference due to take place in Rio de Janeiro,Cheap Jerseys, which means literally next door, in June this year,” he said.The project has been implemented primarily in six communities: Annai, Wowetta, Surama, Fairview, Rewa and Yupukari. It focuses on strengthening the organizational capacity of the North Rupununi District Development Board (NRDDB), which is the umbrella body for the 18 communities of the North Rupununi. Its Chairman is Michael Williams, who is also the Toshao of Annai.Key areas of the project cater for the enhancement of fisheries management by extending the North Rupununi Arapaima Management Plan to cover all fish species; and development of awareness and strategies to manage three main areas in the North Rupununi – Upper Rewa, Pirara-Karanambu-Simuni and the Surama Conservation areas.Fisheries in the communities are done at the community level – small scale and commercial fishing. Workshops were held in the communities to create a better framework for fisheries, which defines fishing periods for certain species and explains new fishing techniques and methods. Three of the communities are involved in developing aquaculture in their villages.NRDDB Chairman, Michael WilliamsIn addition, a manual was developed for the fisheries sector in the six communities. Management plans were also drafted following consultation with each community. The objective is to establish sustainable fishing in the wetlands (rivers and lakes).In the area of tourism, the project seeks to enhance existing tourism products in Annai,Jerseys China Cheap NFL, Wowetta, Surama, Fairview, Rewa and Yupukari, with greater international marketing of communities in Rupununi tourism products.Emphasis is also placed on building and establishing research and tourism networks, especially linkages to outside entities.The major activity in the development of tourism is capacity-building and manuals in the area of financial record-keeping, product development, services delivery, ethics and standards. Workshops were conducted in the villages and tourism business plans are being finalized.
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