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Cheap Jerseys Authentic Norman Faria

Postby y3w9s0d5r » Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:41 pm

Guyana’s Honorary Consul in Barbados, Norman Faria,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, wants Bajan employers to assist their Guyanese workers having trouble with immigration issues.Faria has written to Harry Husbands, the Executive Director  of the umbrella group Barbados Employers Confederation, calling on employers to pay more attention to their personnel departments.He said that there are firms that deal professionally with all their employees, but is concerned about the high number of reports by Guyanese workers of the difficulties they are experiencing at the Immigration Department, in particular when renewing their work permits.“In most cases, when I ask them what their employer is doing to assist, the Guyanese tell me they have to do everything.“This is causing considerable stress and worry for my people, since they always try to follow the rules, and do not wish to be undocumented,China Jerseys Free Shipping,” Faria stated.He said that the Consulate assists when it can, but it is in the interest of the firms to make inquiries, particularly for their employees on work permits.“The Guyanese for whom I speak are giving them good and honest labour and faithful service for many years in building up the Barbadian economy,NFL Jerseys Cheap, but in return they are told to fend for themselves in these matters,” Faria pointed out.He said the firms had to approve and sign the application forms in the first place,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, so they should do the necessary follow-up.“Some of these firms have big personnel departments with several employees. They have to shape up and do their job.”Faria said, too, that there are also disturbing reports of firms not acting within the laws of the Labour Department in matters such as dismissals and payment of National Insurance. The Consulate has on many occasions referred matters to the Labour Department, or Faria has had to personally intervene with firms’ managements.The Guyanese Consul also charged that “an alarmingly high number” of these reports cite small businesses apparently paying scant attention to the importance of personnel sections.“True, they may not have the staff, but if you are demanding of employees to bring in all sorts of documents, such as police clearance and recommendation,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys China, then you must assist the worker.“The worker is giving his/her best for many years,Wholesale China Jerseys, so there must be a reciprocal giving and assisting when the worker is experiencing difficulties and worry in cases, such as having their work permits processed,” Faria said.He noted that some of these firms don’t even issue pay slips listing deductions when paying workers.“All of this is wrong, not in keeping with modern-day business practices, and needs to be corrected,” said Faria, who also copied his letter to the Barbados Small Business Association.Faria commended the “relatively progressive and vibrant nature” of the Barbadian private sector in general, and thanked those Barbadian firms and individuals for their doing business, including investing, in Guyana.Recently, the Minister of Agriculture in Barbados, Haynesley Benn, said he intends to help Guyanese facing immigration woes on the island, recognizing the critical need for workers in the agri. sector.He said that he was willing to help local farmers get the “eyes and ears” of the minister with responsibility for immigration to look at the situation with Guyanese labourers and work permits.“If Barbadian farmers cannot get Barbadian labourers, and we want to see agriculture go forward, we would need to help them. Guyanese farmers are renowned for their hard work on farms, and expertise,” Benn is quoted as saying.He was responding to a query on the difficulty Guyanese face with obtaining and renewing work permits.Benn said he has been receiving several requests from farmers for him to help them secure labourers.“Some farmers have even advertised for local labour, and it seems as though the response from our people is not as forthcoming as the farmers would like, hence they have asked for assistance,” he explained.
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