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In order to give more people the opportunity to fly Pansh kite before they decide to purchase one, the Pansh Official Forum ( will launch the PASS THE PANSH project.

In the first round of the PASS THE PANSH project, we plan to provide some Pansh trial kites to a number of interested individuals. If you wish to participate in the first round of the project, put your name down on the list. Before you do so, please take time to familiarize yourself with the rules of this project listed below. By putting your name down on the list, you will be acknowledging that you have read, understood and agreed to the rules stated hereunder. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

RULES: will send Pansh trial kites to different ZONES based on location. The trial kites cannot leave the ZONE to which they had originally been sent—they can be passed within that ZONE only. Please make sure that you sign for the trial kites available in the ZONE you belong to (based on your address).
2.Please do not put your name down on the threads which have same kites in circulation at the same time.
3.All those who participate in the Pass the Pansh project fully acknowledge that powerkiting is a dangerous, extreme sport. Pansh.Inc and take no responsibility for any accidents and related injuries incurred whilst flying a Pass the Pansh kite. The flyer takes the responsibility and flies the kite at his/her own risk.

1.Kite passing order should be in correspondence with the Pass the Pansh namelist. If your name is on the top of the list, you will fly the trial kite first and then pass it to the next person on the list.
2.All you need to do is to select the kite you want to try flying (each ZONE may have different types of Pansh kites. It is based on the requests from the flyers in each Zone. ) and put your name on the list. The kite should arrive at your door from the previous Pass the Pansh participant. When it arrives and you have tried flying it, please send it (at your own expense) to the next person on the list.
3.Please remember to observe the following code of conduct:
a.Before putting your name on the Pass the Pansh project namelist, please read the descriptions on the trial kites and locations carefully to make sure the kite you want is suitable for you and available in your ZONE/location.
b.When the kite reaches you, please check the number of the kite to make sure you have received the right one. The number of the kite is handwritten on the back of the WARNNINGS and placed inside the middle cell of the kite.
c.The kites can be kept 10 to 20 days. The time varies depending on the detailed situation of the ZONE. Please do not keep the kite longer than the requested time. The others may be looking forward to flying this trial kite as much as you did.
d.Please take good care of the trial kite as if it were yours, and make sure it is clean, dry and properly-packed when it is mailed to the next person on the list.
e.Once you get the kite, please contact the next person on the list for mailing address. If you do not get a reply within one week, please contact the one who is next in line, rather than holding the kite at your location for longer than 15 days. [PLEASE NOTE: If there is nobody on the list after you, you can keep the kite for a longer time. You will pass it on later to the next person or the organizer of the thread will recall the kite.]
f.Accidents do happen. If you damaged the kite by accident, please contact the 'Pass the Pansh' Organizer of your ZONE.
g.Finally, before shipping the kite out... please write your name and date on one of the internal bracings, so the kite becomes a living "flyers logbook".
h.When you send the kite out, please PM the person's name and address to the relevant PtP Organizer, so we can trace the kite in case it disappears. Thank you for your understanding.

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