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Postby dfr9xcdy66 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:42 am

By Michael Benjamin  Power– ultimate unbridled power! This seems to be the goal of the PPPC as General and Regional elections loom. At least this is according to Prime Ministerial candidate, Samuel Hinds who,NFL Jerseys Cheap, during a recent presentation, urged members of his constituency to ensure that the incumbents secure a resounding victory at the imminent polls.Amidst such calls, leader of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Brig (ret’d) David Granger, is preaching a national unity ticket and has elected to take a moral high ground in his campaign as compared to the denigrating language emanating from the mouths of some politicians from the incumbency.It is also refreshing to note the moral stance adopted by APNU, characterized by several of its leaders offering prayers and seeking divine guidance from the almighty.The campaign trail has been scorching and the ruling politicians that have secured the respect of the masses over their previous tenure have resorted to gutter language and acidic proclamations that would make the devil flinch. It’s a ‘no holds barred’ battle that reduces the sniper in the movie ‘Day of the Jackal’ to a bungling schoolboy as politicians resort to bushwhacking tactics, regurgitating aspects of their opponent’s past to discredit their installation in the highest office of the land.Granger was a member of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and one would readily admit that such positions are for men of testicular fortitude especially at a time when the Venezuelans had intensified claims for a large portion of Essequibo and Suriname with its eyes riveted on a large portion of the New River Triangle.Such a portfolio also restricts its holder to a subordinate position to the Commander in Chief who in the case of Guyana is the Head of State. An honest evaluation would convince even the uninitiated that Granger could not have been held entirely accountable for many of the ills drummed up by the PPPC protagonists in their pre-elections uttering.Further,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, if one is willing to adopt such at stance, then Commodore Gary Best would obviously be placed under scrutiny and he would have to explain away his role in the missing arms, ammunition and other scandals that had beset the GDF during his tenure, not to mention the many human rights violations hurled at officers of his institution.Further, a conspiracy theory that places Mr. Jagdeo, as Commander in Chief, plumb in the centre of these happenings must not be considered a far-fetched notion. Naturally, we are witnessing a ‘Pot calling the kettle black’ scenario.One is forced to believe that right and wrong are subjective variables depending on which side of the fence one occupies. While there has been much talk by the incumbency of the rice flour age and the hardships faced by citizens back then, there is muted discourse of the fact that though these commodities are now readily available, Guyanese are devoid of the requisite cash to purchase them. One plus one will always add up to two irrespective of how one twists the formation of the sum.Those that trooped to City Hall on Nomination Day would readily admit that APNU, with the largest group of supporters, made a resounding statement.  That the campaign manager of the PPPC, Robert Persaud, should use obtuse language to describe what was really unrestrained enthusiasm, smacks of disrespect for the intelligence of the public.They say that all is fair in love and war but one will find it hard to countenance any bushwhacking tactics employed by any party,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, be it APNU, PPPC, AFC or any of the other entities in the elections race.One of the characteristics of these elections is the heavy traffic as individuals see the need to cross over to the party of their choice. Here again, the slum behaviours of the politicians characterize their campaigns. Why must Gillian Burton and Joe Hamilton’s decision be viewed as commonsensical while Moses Nagamootoo’s be denigrated and labeled as ungrateful and unpatriotic?One must understand that once Parliament has been prorogued, the incumbency approaches the campaign trail on level grounds with their opponents. While this is sound rationale, it seems painfully obvious that the incumbency intends to retain a power base and allegations that they are utilizing public resources in their private campaign resonate countrywide.One would also be hard pressed to ignore concerns of the opposition forces that uncover the inequity of air time on state mediums that are allocated to the other parties when compared to that offered to the incumbency.The only plus in this sordid state of affairs is that the CNS ban was only suspended after the opposition forces voiced their indignation. The Justice for All Party has since teamed up with APNU and is offering some reprieve to the oppositional force in getting their messages to their constituencies.The ‘win at all cost’ strategy adopted by the PPPC sunk to an appalling low when Bishop Juan Edghill added his name to their slate and not only publicly endorsed that group but dragged the holy name of the Lord into the mess. The esteemed Bishop brashly pronounced that if Jesus Christ was in Guyana he would have voted for the PPPC.This is an act in depravity and rightfully earned the ire of holy men from other denominations.Amidst his holy proclamations, the Bishop conveniently chose to take a closed view instead of analyze from a panoramic perspective. It would be interesting to hear how he deduced his Saviour’s reaction to the phantom killings, blatant nepotism,Nike Air Max 95 Womens Sale, ethnical imbalanced ambassadorial appointments,Wholesale NFL Jerseys 2018, administrative impropriety, malfeasance and all the other ungodly ills that characterized the PPPC rule over their past tenure.Since religion is sacrosanct and since one ought to exercise restraint when discussing this tricky subject, the Bishop should understand that he has placed the subject among the distasteful political debate and therefore any objection to the defendant’s use of the material to bolster his case, must be overruled.However, using the rationale that indeed, there is sense in every bit of nonsense, one will be forced to accept the goodly Bishop’s perspective but while he posits that if Jesus was in Guyana, he would have voted for the PPPC,Wholesale Jerseys China, I say that contrary to the Bishop’s theory, the supreme presence of Jesus is within these 83,000 square miles and he is also watching us.However, being a just person he will desist from embracing what he perceives to be unjust and unwanted vices. Suffice to say,China NFL Jerseys, with the crazy season revving into top gear, he has wisely opted to observe the happenings from a (very) safe distance.
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