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Ronde Barber Buccaneers Jersey lpekckz4

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The recent heavy rains have brought a feeling of déjà vu for residents of Bee Hive and Ann’s Grove,Ron Jaworski Eagles Jersey, on the East Coast of Demerara, with fears of another catastrophe looming as a result of excessive flooding.Some are already comparing the situation in the villages to that which obtained during “the great flood” more than three years ago.Others are of the opinion that the situation is worse than in 2005, with flood water already surpassing that of the last flooding.When this newspaper visited the area yesterday, the evidence of renewed hardship and massive loss was clear, and villagers were lamenting what they claimed was a lack of attention to the area by the relevant authorities.Cash crop farmers are already beginning to feel the squeeze, with several acres of cultivation inundated; while a poultry rearer, Otis Jerrick,Mychal Kendricks Eagles Jersey, has been counting his dead birds over the past three days.Jenice Alleyne, a single-parent of eight, was forced to rearrange her entire household after flood waters came pouring into her bottom flat.This newspaper observed the woman cooking a meal while standing in shin-high water in her kitchen.“2005 flood wasn’t like this. Now it is more than in 2005, and nobody ain’t coming fuh help!” Alleyne lamented.She pointed out that whenever officials are contacted, they would claim that the entire East Coast has the problem and they cannot show any preference to any one area.Water is already knee-high for adults in the worst affected areas She has lost several chickens she was rearing, which represent a part of her daily income. “The chairs and bed already soaked, so you can’t get Christmas in this. I had already started to prepare for Christmas,Jordan Hicks Eagles Jersey, now look what we facing,” Alleyne said.She lamented the fact that the non-governmental organization which has been campaigning on disaster preparedness has not shown much interest in their situation.Another resident, Gomattie Mohabally, told Kaieteur News that the water rose to the present level as a result of Wednesday’s heavy rainfall.She,King Dunlap Chargers Jersey, too, believes that the present flood is comparable to that of 2005. “No minister never ever come in hey! Whether that flood, or this flood, or any little thing, they never even walk down this dam!”“A lot of people live here, and them farmers flood out at the back there,” said another resident, who gave her name as Sandra.The lamentations were too many to document, as housewives, farmers and poultry rearers berated the authorities for neglecting drainage works to serve the predominantly farming community.Residents said that,Keenan Allen Chargers Jersey, despite assurances from the Ministry of Agriculture that preparations were made to combat farming, for eight months, a main koker in the community has been inoperable. Even as residents’ complaints are many, there are no assurances that the rains will stop.Yesterday, Chief Hydrometeorological Officer, Ms. Bhaleka Seulall, at a press conference, warned Guyanese living in low-lying areas to brace themselves for more flooding, as intense downpours are expected.Seulall said that this season is predicted to be above average,Jarvis Landry Dolphins Jersey, with in excess of 75mm of rain on any given day.She said that places such as Enmore and Bee Hive had in excess of 200mm of rainfall on Wednesday, adding that Good Hope, Georgetown and Wales experienced some 100mm of rain.“I must stress that the rainy season will continue until the end of January and there are going to be periodic downpours.”On the other hand,Nelson Agholor Eagles Jersey, Head of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), Lionel Wordsworth, yesterday told the media that that entity has now started dredging the outfalls at Hope, Greenfield and Cane Grove.When asked why this is now being done, Wordsworth said that,Larry Csonka Dolphins Jersey, had the NDIA conducted the works earlier, the outfalls would have been silted up by now.Wordsworth noted that the current downpours that are being experienced are in excess of the capacity of the drainage system and its design. All pumps and excavators have been deployed to flood-hit areas,Jason Verrett Chargers Jersey, he added.
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