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Pansh Freestyle Team is a group of some talented freestyle guys. They work hard and know a lot of excellent tricks. Here you can find the Freestyle Team pictures and tour calendars.
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The deaths of some 250 babies under the age of five were recorded by the local health system last year. This represents an infant mortality rate of 20 per 1,000.However, this statistic has been regarded as a drastic improvement by Minister of Health, Dr Leslie Ramsammy, who asserted that in 1992 the recorded death rate of babies under five was a whopping 2,643 reflective of a mortality rate of 120 per 1,Cheap Basketball Jerseys,000.“The truth is,Cheap NFL Jerseys, when it comes to child health in Guyana we have made tremendous progress and no one can take that away from us.  This is a tremendous and dramatic improvement and that is because our primary health care system also improved tremendously.“Our vaccine coverage,NFL Cheap Jerseys, our ability to introduce and maintain ORS treatment,NFL Jerseys Cheap, our ability to treat paediatric illnesses and the introduction of the integrated management of childhood illnesses have improved. We have much to be proud of.”However, despite the noticeable progress,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, the Minister noted that it has become clear that while a good primary health care system will improve health it will never allow for the achievement of targets that have been established.He pointed to the fact that the target of an under five mortality rate of 16 per 1,000 by 2015 is an impossible one with just a good primary health care system.The Minister has concluded that the mantra which is being promoted by developed countries, the World Health Organisation and other bodies suggests a good primary health care system is dependent on trained nurses, medics and so on.This has its place but it cannot replace a good health system that includes specialist care.“A good secondary health care and good tertiary health care are equally necessary if we are going to provide a comprehensive and sound health care for our people.”The mantra, the Minister, adds is compounded by the belief that good health care delivery can only be realised if specialists in developing countries are trained in developed countries where there are centralised type training.This belief, the Minister said, has not changed for almost 50 years with migration playing a major role in the number of qualified persons in the local system at one time.However, he assured that it has also become clear that no matter how small or poor developing indigenous trainings are, they are in fact the only answer forward.“We have never had more surgeons in Guyana because we dismantled the mantra and decided boldly to introduce our own surgical programme.“Indeed we have seen from the programmes that we have added that all of the myths that existed were precisely that – myths.”And it is training on the local front, the Minister asserted, that has resulted in an immense improvement in the delivery of health care services and by extension a reduction in infant mortality.He noted that the task of Ministers of Health is to persuade the global architecture that while it is a sound policy to promote good primary health care in developing countries it is also an inequitable system to think that specialist care can only come from the developed countries.“Indeed it is immoral,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, it is inequitable and we must promote good, sound health care at all levels for all people whether we live in developing or developed countries.“We want our people to live long, productive and healthy lives. We do this so that people could realize their dreams and are able to pursue their careers and their desires whilst being healthy but it can’t happen unless we have a well functioning health system.”According to the Minister “it takes more than the health system for it to happen but one thing is for sure without a functioning health system it would never happen…along the way we have stumbled, all of us around the world, because we have fallen in love with the mantra that we preach.”
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