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“Hunting the necromancer?” Shizi Ya however, frowned way: “you not is say the necromancer is and Che evil creature that human soul of kung fu practitioner erosion? Since the necromancer nothing” these guys hunting death, spirit do??????? ”
“The necromancer though terrible, but not a little use all have no, instead, for some the division, the necromancer tried it or valuable refined equipment material.” Li) stood afar off, down voice explain: “the teacher, it continues to want to make artifacts have general spirit, there are several different methods that cause absorption heaven and earth naturally with spiritual strength of the method is the most rare, is also the most mysterious.”
Paused for a moment, she explained: “but, most of all, the teacher tried to do less than this one. Look for the foreign body of souls, direct seal in artifacts, also let a artifacts have within a common spirit of the general technique. The necromancer is the Che evil and the soul of the foreign body, have the extremely strong against consciousness, if the dead will and implements fusion, the power of the artifacts will get great growth, a xuan level, can also result in” a level, to improve the level of spirit level.”
“You are to say, these people hunting the necromancer, is for the refined?” , shizi startled, “they are not refined device division ah.”
“They should be looking for is refined, the teacher tried to have spirit, so general artifacts will be dedicated to the hunting.” Li) to the mountains in the context of the situation in mind, “erase the necromancer independent consciousness, the dead will kick in, and then within the” with special effects activation of the dead of fierce read and evil Che evil instinct, can let the power of “considerably.
The more a higher level of the necromancer, blend in “later, the power of” will also increase Che add more. ”
“In the mountains, people often do this?”
“Don’t try to hunting the necromancer is not easy, must want to have enough restraint”, but it needs to be god, you must first Dan rock that he won’t be the necromancer to invade, to find the right time, just have caught the hope it. This is power “if met the necromancer level is low, there is a possibility of success,Cheap Houston Texans Jerseys, but if bad luck, met with severe of the necromancer, that it is possible to loss in. ”
Two people were talking, five kung fu practitioner will look ahead being accomplished, the three pale-green the necromancer, obviously lower level, even the form of joining the really all have no, in all kinds of restraint of sex “bombarded repeatedly, that three of the dead as the scattered smoke,Cheap Chicago Blackhawks Jerseys, even to spend together would be difficult.
Three of the dead, and in their treatment of central points to escape drifts, such as be torn in pieces of rags, wafting in mid air, start
Article 5 the overcast shadow, and no concentration for the essence, suspended in the south and the rose above the throat is five grey ribbon.
Lisa) look consternation, dull to look at the five dusky shadow, this just sure just she didn’t look at presbyopia, know it swallowed the necromancer’s weak foreign bodies from the body of the above.
Spent big strength, but nothing of the final five, was about to breach ‘criticisms, suddenly found five dusky shadow seems to have a master.
All five of them momentarily, first to sense the practice of far above for, mbt shoes clearance until they found that only a triple albitite day through the day, after a strong spirit,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, a full face of anger on up.
“Boy, this article five energy from your ribbon?” At the head of the iron wood cold to hum 1, a face to anger, “don’t you understand rules? That three of the dead we looked at for half a year, you can know in order to hunting them, we spend much energy and SPAR?”
The remaining four female, three men and a woman, also gave see toward him, is not a word to immediately posture.
Five, the iron wood in the day led a triple days of creation, and other four people, also has a double days of the day for, five together, take a lot of power, to get the opportunity to win, it’s difficult for the above make a deep impression.
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