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nfl jerseys cheap where this lef we

Postby sei5trov9 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:10 am

A Plaisance,Cheap Jerseys, East Coast Demerara family is fearful for their lives in the wake of threats issued to them by a police rank and his relative who is wanted for murder.The threats were reportedly issued when the rank and the wanted man confronted a member of the family on Saturday night.Daphne Luke is one of the family members who spoke to this newspaper. She related that at around 23:00 hours on Saturday, her nephew Travis Luke,NFL Jerseys China, 20,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, ran home and breathlessly informed that the cop had chased him with a gun,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, while the cops’ relative, who is wanted for murder, accosted his friend with a cutlass.The incident reportedly stemmed from Travis’ friend dancing with a female companion of the wanted man.Reports are that, the wanted man is being sought to have charges reinstituted against him for a murder committed at the University of Guyana in 2008.According to Daphne Luke, her nephew Travis Luke and his friend were at a birthday party dancing with the murder suspect’s girlfriend.The man came up and slapped her nephew before pulling out a cutlass and chasing after his friend.The woman said that the cop who was nearby joined in the fray by pulling out his weapon and threatening to shoot.Daphne Luke told this newspaper that the cop came to their home with the wanted man and threatened to “done de dance”.“He said nobody ain’t gon do he family nothing and get off. I had to ask him if he is a Police Officer and behaving so, by bringing a murder man to we house,Wholesale Jerseys,” Luke related.She said that she and her relatives went to the Sparendaam Police Station to report the matter, but the ranks there refused to take statements from them, claiming that the matter has to be dealt with by a senior officer.They were advised to go back the following day.Yesterday afternoon,cheap nfl jerseys, according to Daphne Luke, another relative of the cop attacked her nephew, stabbing him with a scissors in his abdomen.But although the wound was not serious, the police gave them a medical certificate and the young man was treated at the Georgetown Hospital.“If my nephew didn’t jump backwards, he might have been killed,” Luke told this newspaper.That matter was also reported to the Sparendaam Police Station.The cop in question was also at the station and upon seeing the Lukes, he became abusive.“He start saying that he should’a finish everything last night (Saturday). Well, where this lef we? If he is a policeman and going on so, then we got to fear for we lives,” Daphne Luke told Kaieteur News.A senior police officer at the Divisional Headquarters at Cove and John confirmed the incident and assured that an investigation will be mounted immediately.
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