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Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online rtuq4eil

Postby dfr9xcdy66 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:45 pm

Money ain’t deh fuh some things but fuh sure Ash Knee finding money fuh build lock ups. Brickdam getting a big one that mek all dem lock ups in de country look like stupidness.Dem boys seh that it look to some people that Ash building lock ups fuh heself but other people know that he gun get jail in Uncle Sam.He is not de only one who should get jail. De statements that de private sector put out pun projects in Guyana mek unscrupulous a mild word to describe dem. They are nutten but a bunch of crooks and con artists.Imagine that dem claim how private people wid a few penny in it,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, own de bridge. That is how scamps does operate. Dem would spend couple morning in you house and then tell people how dem own de house. Dem does want put you out too.De taxpayer invest 76 per cent in de bridge. This thing simple. Let’s say de bridge cost $100. Taxpayers put $76,Cheap Jerseys Online, and a few private people put de other $24. Is who own it? De few private people or de taxpayers?De private sector joining wid that fat crook Brazzy,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, and Jagdeo fuh tell de nation otherwise. Read de letter pun page 4.De opposition who talking fuh more than half de nation want people fuh pay a lower fare fuh cross de bridge.  De private sector along wid Brazzy and Jagdeo don’t want that. Is greed. De bridge mekking tons and tons of money every year since it start. Guess what. Only de few private people does get all de profit.Fuh get that profit,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Jagdeo ban de boat wha use to cross de river; people wid bicycle and motorcycle had to ride over de bridge suh he could collect even de penny from dem poor people pocket?Now you-all see de reason why de Webster and he kavakamites don’t want de toll reduce. Dem got dem own runnings wha dem set up fuh demself.Dem nurse striking fuh more money. People should tek a page out of Linden book last year.Talk half and reduce de bridge toll to de other half.
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