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China Jerseys Cheap Keeran Danny

Postby sei5trov9 » Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:03 pm

Targeting mainly consumers interested in building or remodeling their houses,Cheap China Jerseys, Toolsie Persaud Limited (TPL) displayed its available line of British-made interior décor products at this year’s GuyExpo.A modern kitchen was part of Toolsie Persaud Limited’s display at GuyExpoThe company’s Hardware Division Manager, Mohan Harnanan emphasized that over the three-day period (September 27-30) at the Sophia Exhibition Centre,Wholesale Football Jerseys, thousands of patrons viewed and expressed interest in the interior décor line,Wholesale China Jerseys, comprising kitchen and bathroom sets.Other products manufactured by the company were on display, but the main showpiece was the interior décor line because of the extensive marketing opportunities that GuyExpo presents.Commenting on his company’s decision to showcase a line of British-made products at a ‘Guyana Exposition’, Harnanan explained that Guyanese are developing a taste for modern houses and these items are part of that make-up. In addition, companies that market these products need to advertise and in the opinion of TPL, GuyExpo is the ideal event.Harnanan related that Toolsie Persaud Limited is a household name that has been around for 65 years and is widely known for its quality steel products. However, the company wants to provide other quality materials such as tiles and lights for building construction at affordable prices.Because the interior décor line is not manufactured locally, the company did not participate in the buyers’ segment arranged by the organizers of GuyExpo. It was emphasised that manufacturing the interior décor line locally would require huge investment, skills and mechanisms that are not available locally.He explained that the company’s main aim of participating in the exposition was to reach out to local consumers. That was certainly achieved. Even while GuyExpo was ongoing, customers visited the company to purchase and view similar products that were on display, he added.Harnanan mentioned that management’s continuous participation in the exposition is as a result of responses from customers.“Previously, you would see during and after GuyExpo,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys, a lot of customers would come to the store and request the items that were in the booth,” he noted. In addition,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, some foreigners took samples of products that are manufactured locally, such as PVC pipes.“The major consensus is that GuyExpo is the arena to try and influence local consumers to purchase products. As the event gets more popular I think there is a way forward for Guyana to take the export market,Cheap NFL Jerseys,” Harnanan said.(Keeran Danny)
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