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NFL Jerseys Cheap v0rez2rd

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– “That 14-year-old is a bandit,Wholesale Jerseys China, he still denying”- police source By Romila Boodram Bibi Nesha Shairoon’s killers went to her Mahaicony,Wholesale Authentic NHL Jerseys, East Coast Demerara (ECD) home toMurdered: Bibi Nesha Shairooncommit a robbery.But when she tried to defend herself, one of the robbers beat her in the head with a frying pan until she blacked out.At least this is what one of the two detained suspects told detectives Thursday night, about their deadly confrontation with the 56-year-old woman two Saturdays ago at her Lot 4 Novar Mahaicony residence.Kaieteur News understands that while the suspect admitted to committing the act, he claimed that their intentions were merely to rob their victim.The two suspects have been identified as a 25-year-old man from Berbice, and a 14-year-old, who at one time, helped out the shop owner around her yard.It was the older man who confessed to bashing the woman in the head with the frying pan. He claimed that the attack on the woman was planned by the teenager, who is familiar with the woman’s home.However, the teen is denying that he was a part of the robbery which resulted in the death of the mother of three. He claimed that on the night she was killed, he was on the road hanging out with the 25-year-old.As a result of the teenager’s denial, detectives were forced to request additional time to further interrogate him.“That 14-year-old is a bandit, he still denying and the entire thing points to him,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,” a police source said, yesterday.He explained that during interrogation,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, the older suspect broke down and confessed to the crime.“The 25-year-old is from Berbice but he got a work with a man from Mahaicony and he was staying in a little shack the man built for him. He said that between 11:00 to 12:00 (PM) on Saturday,NBA Jerseys China, he was home when the li’l boy come call he,” the source said.He further explained that the teenager allegedly told him that he had a “work” for them to go on.“This man said that the li’l boy took him to the woman’s house. One went around one side, and the other one went around the other side of the house. Apparently, he is saying, that the teenager like he went there before he and take out the boards from the wall,jerseys cheap nfl, because when he got there, it was already removed,” the source recalled.Kaieteur News was further told that when the two suspects arrived at the location, the teenager managed to slip into the woman’s home from the opening at the side of the house and opened the back door for his accomplice.“He said that when they got into the house, the woman was sitting on a chair in her bedroom and they asked her for money and she went upstairs and give them $300,000 she had in a bag,Wholesale Jerseys China,” the police source said.He further explained that after collecting the money, they proceeded to tie the woman so that they could have searched for more valuables.“He (25-year-old suspect) said that the teenager help tie up the woman but when she started to fight with them, he took a frying man and beat her in the head.”Kaieteur News was told that once the two young men were satisfied with their loot, they left the scene and the older suspect travelled to Berbice with his share.“He smokes and he had some drug debt in Berbice so he went there and pay the people he owed,” the source revealed.The teenager was arrested last Monday, a few hours after the woman’s bound body was discovered in her bedroom while his friend was taken into police custody the following day.Relatives informed the cops of their suspicions of the 14-year-old, since there was a confrontation between the victim and the teen a few months ago after she suspected him of stealing phone cards from her home.“She used to hide her phone cards in the microwave and the teen knew. Like he went in the house and thief dem. When she was killed, the person stole the cards from the microwave again and only this teen knew where she hides the cards, so we suspected it was him,” the relative said.The victim had been residing at the location for more than 25 years.
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