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The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) is prepared to render assistance to the recently sacked top Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) officials, Ivor English and Karen Bowen.The two, who operated in the capacity of Maritime Director and General Manager respectively, were unceremoniously terminated by Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn, two Thursdays ago.General Secretary of the GPSU, Ms Chandrawattie Persaud, said yesterday that while she is not aware how the two officials were appointed to their positions, a Public Service Commission (PSC) appointment would not allow for a Minister to sack an employee.“I have seen no documentation that they are appointees of the PSC,Wholesale Jerseys, but if they are, then definitely anything that has to do with disciplinary action being taken against them certainly falls within the jurisdiction of the PSC, and not the Minister,” Persaud explained.She pointed out, too, that while the two officials may not be members of the GPSU, the union would be willing to offer its support.“We often support public officers generally from a principled position,NFL Jerseys Clearance, regardless of whether they are members of the union or not.”“Most times,cheap nfl jerseys, if public officers or members of the public have a complaint,China Jerseys Wholesale, and they are of the view that the GPSU can help,nfl jerseys china, they would come in and discuss it with us, and we would point them in a particular direction for them to pursue it along that avenue; or, if we can assist, we render direct assistance,” the General Secretary informed.But, in order for the GPSU to become intimately involved in any representation, Persaud said, there is a particular procedure to be followed.She said that aggrieved persons must first report the matter to the union. No complaint or request for assistance has been forthcoming from the dismissed officials, she added.“What the union is aware of is what has been said in the print and electronic media; no formal complaint was made,” Persaud added.According to her,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the union is always ready and willing to help persons, if possible, once the union is of the belief that the persons were unfairly treated.The two officials were reportedly dismissed by the Minister after he discovered that they had utilised $47 M,Cheap NFL Jerseys From China, rather than an authorised $15 M, to facilitate the rehabilitation of the T&HD Sport Club at Thomas Lands.The building was declared unsafe by the Guyana Fire Service some time ago, and rehabilitation works are currently ongoing.Reports are that the Minister’s action was also rooted in the fact that there is some controversy with monies that were reportedly not deposited into an account.The Minister has said that he has written letters and has called in the state auditors to undertake audits, although he did not acknowledge that there was a fraud of any kind.President Bharrat Jagdeo, at his most recent press briefing, said that while the dismissal of the officials may have been justified, there was still need to determine whether the Minister had the authority to dismiss them.
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