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nfl jerseys china Latoya Giles

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A 34-year-old man was gunned down yesterday morning in the passageway near his Thomas Street, Kitty, home, over a quarrel about a missing motorcycle.Troy Smith, a father of one, received a single gunshot to his upper chest and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital.The shooter has been identified as a neighbour who lives about four houses away from Smith.This newspaper was told that the shooter’s girlfriend was taken into custody yesterday morning.A police source yesterday told this newspaper that the woman had a bag of clothing and the shooter’s passport.“We arrested her because we feel she knows the whereabouts of the shooter and was probably heading there drop off the items,” said the source.Kaieteur News understands that the suspect had accused Smith of stealing a motorcycle.Shawn Smith, the dead man’s brother, said that he tried his best to save his brother’s life.Smith told this publication that the suspect and his brother shared a good relationship and never expected something like that to happen.He said that the suspect had brought a motorcycle from Lethem a few days ago, and that the bike was stolen from his house.“The bike was parked outside when someone thief it….and that Troy know about the bike.”According to Smith, his brother’s killer went to family’s home around 07:00 hrs accusing his brother of stealing the motorcycle.“He come in de yard shouting how Troy thief some bike he bring from Lethem,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China,” the brother said.He further told this publication that his brother got out of his bed, and went to speak to the suspect.Smith said that he was on the telephone when his wife shouted to him that two were in a heated argument.“My wife shouted to me and seh Troy and de boy arguing….so I hang up de phone and was heading downstairs when I hear de gunshot.”The man said that he ran towards the passageway and saw his brother clutching his chest.“I ask he is wah happened and he seh Terry shoot he…so I started running behind he (Terry)”.However Smith said he was stopped in his tracks, since the suspect threatened to kill him too.“After I running behind he turn around and seh….don’t f**king run behind me before I kill you too.”Smith said that he ran back to his house and found his brother lying on the ground.Smith and the dead man’s wife, Emily Searls, quickly rushed his brother to the Georgetown Public Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.When this newspaper visited the dead man’s home yesterday a number of neigbhours said that they did not see anything.However, relatives said that a few saw, but remained inside of their homes. The dead man’s relatives yesterday described him as very hard working. One said that that Smith would sell various items along Regent Street just to make a living.The relative said that Smith would also off load containers around the city.His brother said he had a few brushes with the law, but all the matters have been discharged. “He de get charged for fighting and robbery…but all them cases get dismiss” said the man.According to the brother, the suspect is a known troublemaker who had many brushes with the law.Up to press time last night the police were unable to locate the shooter.(Latoya Giles)Annandale stallholders allege intimidation by businessmanSome of the stallholders who claimed that their stalls were demolished by the businessman. By Rabindra RooplallSome stallholders of Ramsingh Road (Market road) Annandale,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, East Cost Demerara,Cheap MLS Jerseys, are alleging that they are being taken advantage of by a businessman who recently opened an establishment in another location within the street.They say that in the night he is continuously dismantling their stalls that provide them with their livelihood.An irate Bhagmoni Persaud, 72, said that she has been selling in the market since 1964 and that the businessman who also had a stall,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, has now opened a business there. However, it appears as if he wants to dominate the market and force stall holders out by destroying their stalls in the night and building a shed in the same area.“This thing get worse from last Tuesday; he just brucking down. All the material from we stall he take and use them for his own purpose. We want the government to see what going on.”According to Zabiba Bacchus, she has been a stallholder for the past 14 years. Her stall was recently demolished by the businessman named Richard. “He ain’t tell we anything; he just bruck it down. The Neighbourhood Democratic Council ain’t do nothing for we…We see Kellawan Lall, Robeson Benn, Freedom House…plenty people and nobody can’t help we…We want the president to look into we matter.”Punya Mangroo said that she has been selling at the said market since 1963, and “this is how me a get me living to buy my medication which cost $15,000 a month. Most of we are old people and single parents. How dem want we live?”Mangroo explained that she is a pensioner trying to be a decent citizen and to have an honest living; however, advantage is being taken on people who are considered to be poor. “Nobody is helping us – the NDC, police, nobody….The same stalls he break down he built a shed on, and that is government reserve he is claiming as his own.”Sabita Persaud, another stallholder, said that it is not fair for stallholders in the market to be forced out by way of the demolition,Cheap Jerseys Online, since the stalls contribute to their livelihood.“They say that you can’t want to mek (children) and want the government to mine it; now we are trying to make an honest living. All a we is single parents and old people. What they want we to do?”The relative of the businessman became hostile to reporters when enquiries were made of the whereabouts of the businessman.Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn, when contacted, said that he met with the NDC and the chairman,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, and he was expected to meet with the stall holders yesterday to assess the situation and to offer an amicable solution to the various concerns of the vendors.
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