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“A spectacular metamorphosis!” would probably be fitting words to describe the Mackenzie River Front in the vicinity of Coop Crescent, if one were to compare the present site to what existed before.This transformation which took place over the past couple of months saw an area which was dotted with ugly makeshift vending stalls and a nauseating garbage heap, through which both stray animals and mendicants rummaged freely,Cheap Jerseys 2018, converted to a beautiful concrete walkway,Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap, complete with guard rails.Stretching from Churches Chicken to the Mackenzie Market wharf, this brand new facility, which could be described as ‘our own little seawall’, (river wall) is one of the most popular liming spots in Linden, especially at nights. Residents love both the tranquil river view, and the picturesque scenery of the opposite Wismar shore.The refurbished Linden WaterfrontThe facility forms part of the “River Front Development Project”, which was conceptualized by Samuel Wright,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, Past President of the Linden Chamber of Commerce, in a bid to beautify the environment, especially the riverfront. The realization of this project has certainly transformed the river front,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, from its previous “shanty town” look, to a beautiful place for relaxation.Primarily funded by the Linden Economic Advancement Programme (LEAP),Cheap NFL Jerseys, the “river wall” only started to take shape after vendors, who had formerly occupied the roadside along Coop Crescent, were relocated to the Mackenzie Market Wharf, to facilitate the infrastructure works.After some excavation to unearth piles of debris that had accumulated over the years through gross unsanitary practices, revetment works were subsequently done along the riverbank, using riprap boulders (large stones) to guard against erosion. Apart from the latter purpose, the boulders also enhance the river front.Lindeners have been so heartened by the “new and improved facility”, that already promoters have begun to utilize the area for hosting barbeques and other similar events.While these activities are welcome and many persons enjoy them, the major problem is garbage disposal. After each event, broken bottles and discarded sanitary ware could be seen strewn amongst the rocks.Then, too, there have been reports of commuters waiting on buses and other transportation in this vicinity,NFL Jerseys China, throwing their food boxes and other refuse over the guardrails. The debris naturally becomes stuck between the boulders thus creating a huge eyesore.“These culprits should be made to pay a fine, or alternatively mandated to clean the entire area for a week; because I can’t imagine that this place was only done a few months ago, and people already defacing it. Where is our pride? How come we practice proper garbage disposal when we go to other countries and we can’t do the same at home?” a particularly perturbed resident declared emphatically.It is now the general consensus of many Lindeners that if this trend continues unabated,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, it won’t be long before the beautiful river front is reverted to its former obnoxious state.“Who would then want to host events there when the garbage starts to pile up; or who would volunteer to clean up the mess?” one concerned man asked.But, the biggest question many Lindeners are asking these days is, whether there are some really nasty people in our midst who really wouldn’t care if this area returns to its former garbage heap status?One thing is certain. Based on opinions expressed during an impromptu interview with persons about the “river wall,” too many people are treating this facility with scant respect.“Perhaps people really hate the way the boulders look, and just want to cover them up with garbage as quickly as possible!” an elderly man remarked sarcastically.But that would be defeating one of the very purposes for which the boulders were laid out, which is to enhance the river front view!Samuel Wright, in a recent interview, had also expressed his concern about waste management in Linden generally, but more especially as it relates to that area which he pointed out could really mess up the facility, if not properly addressed.Meanwhile, Interim Management Committee Chairman Orrin Gordon is exhorting Lindeners to desist from discarding their refuse in and around the river front area, and added that at present, the municipality is looking at ways to install garbage disposal receptacles.Gordon said that it makes no sense to spend so much money on the river front for the community’s benefit, and then the very residents who ought to be caring for the facility only seem bent on destroying it with their nasty habits!(Enid Joaquin)
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