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Postby sei5trov9 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:07 pm

All of a sudden dem boys finding out that nobody ain’t listening to de politicians. And is not that de politicians ain’t talking loud. Some even screaming at de top of dem lungs. Is just that nobody ain’t listening.Couple weeks ago some of dem was claiming how things bad that people gun postpone Christmas. It had to be that Soulja Bai believe some of wha dem politicians was saying because he pay a hefty back pay and then he throw in $25,Cheap NBA Store,000 pun top.All of a sudden dem roads can’t hold people. Drivers avoiding some of dem main streets and is de same thing because like everybody thinking de same way. People who use to ketch minibus to travel couple yards now walking because they know they gun walk faster than any minibus.But even before dem GT people begin to flock de shop dem had de Cubans and de Brazilians spending like millionaires. And while dem spending de local business people complaining how things bad.Dem boys seh that de Guyanese business people was enjoying de run but de competition teaching dem how to eat li’l bit and live long. That is why dem other people shop always full. Is now de local business people trying to match and de buyers jumping up because things cheap.When Jagdeo and he people see how everybody sporting and Christmas ain’t even come yet everybody decide that dem got to stop focusing pun people and focus pun Soulja Bai. Dem seh how he got to go to jail fuh building D’Urban Park.Jagdeo also plotting against Rohee suh is two fight he got pun he hand. He want move Rohee as General Secretary and he want fight Soulja Bai to be President. Dem boys seh that he know Rohee weak because of de goat bite but to tun president again is another story. De poor people who now getting a small piece never use to get anything.Dem contractors use to get free money because that is how Jagdeo use to fool people that de economy blooming. Dem roads use to tell another story.Talk half and watch how people shopping.
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