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Cheap Air Max 95 who noted that

Postby sei5trov9 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:12 pm

Following an urgent plea made by the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) for members of the public to donate blood of any type,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, since the entity’s bank is currently experiencing a severe shortage, a small number of donors have responded.This is according to National Blood Donor Manager Shameeza Mangal,Cheap Jerseys, who noted that,Cheap Jerseys Online, as of yesterday, the blood bank recorded only 75 units of blood, as opposed to its usual 144 units daily.Of the 75 units acquired from Monday to yesterday, only 50% was from voluntary donors.She explained that on Tuesday the bank received its largest donation, as a total of 10 units were gained from the Red Cross Blood Drive and 22 units were from ‘walk-in’ donors.Mangal said that the facility is still in desperate need of blood,Authentic MLB Jerseys Online, and is once again urging persons to come forward and donate.As it relates to the NBTS ‘call back’ system, she said that a few persons have responded to their call, and have already donated.Two organizations have since committed to conduct blood drives during the course of this month; and according to Mangal, this is expected to replenish the bank’s daily amount.The blood bank is experiencing such a severe shortage that,Cheap Jerseys NFL China, if a disaster is to occur in the country, then the facility would not be able to deal with the situation, as the supply of blood is not available. It was explained that the situation is so serious at this time that some patients at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) who have to undergo surgery cannot do so, due to the unavailability of blood.Kaieteur News understands that it has been now close to one month since the bank has been experiencing the major shortage.This newspaper was informed that the severe shortage may have to do with the NBTS supporting private hospitals with blood, apart from the GPHC and other regional hospitals.As it is currently, the blood bank only receives approximately eleven (11) units of blood daily, which according to Mangal cannot facilitate an emergency. Mangal had said that there is currently a decline in voluntary donation,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, as persons are hardly coming forward to donate any blood.The NBTS had recently embarked on a program with various organizations in Guyana, so that they can facilitate their own blood drive; but, according to the blood manager, this program is now experiencing some difficulties, as most of the organizations have failed to honour their commitments.In June of this year, the NBTS had reported that it is making significant strides in its attempt to acquire 100 per cent voluntary blood donors, whilst at the same time efforts were being made to ensure that there is an adequate supply at all times.Meanwhile, in July of this year, Minister Ramsammy had noted that, over the last year, there were approximately 1000 first-time donors, which established that the goal set by the Health Ministry to have 100% voluntary donation by 2010 will be achieved.Minister Ramsammy had also indicated that Guyana would have exceeded its target of acquiring 7500 units of blood.However, due to the severe shortage now being experienced, the blood bank is asking persons to visit the National Blood Transfusion Service, New Amsterdam Public Hospital, West Demerara Regional Hospital, Suddie Regional Hospital and the Linden Hospital to donate blood.
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