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China NFL Jerseys 132 votes

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After being denied for more than two decades, the return of the Local Government Elections (LGE) was met with a low voter turnout – lower than the last LGEs held in 1994.The 2016 LGE attracted a 47.10 percent turnout as opposed to 47.91 in 1994.Many theories were formulated by both electors and candidates as to the reason for this decrease, the most common theory saw GECOM receiving most of the criticisms. However, the Commission has brushed aside all claims made against them, while referring to the “many” voter education projects that the commission began conducting “immediately” nationwide, after the General Elections held in May last.Contestants also found themselves at the end of the barrel for not doing their best to educate the electorate. However, the elections would have been seen as a “trial” by candidates, more specifically some independent candidates, who vowed to intensify their efforts to educate their constituents in the next LGEs slated for 2019.According to GECOM, the elections were held “free, transparently and fairly”. This was endorsed by the various foreign observers who immediately after the elections sent statements lauding the commission’s efforts.Voting was conducted in 542 Constituencies in Guyana, with 1562 Polling Stations available. The total number of votes cast was 239,070 from this amount, 236,323 were deemed valid, while 2,747 were recorded as spoilt ballots.Recounts at the request of the Opposition,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), for District 6 and Region Three, revealed the same amounts as when counted initially, GECOM stated.Meanwhile, the LGE results for Municipalities listed on the GECOM website were Mabaruma in District 1; Anna Regina in District 2; Georgetown, District 4; New Amsterdam, Corriverton and Rose Hall in District 6; Bartica in District 7; Lethem in District 9; and Linden, District 10.Mabaruma, District 1A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC) was able to obtain 777 votes in the Local Authority Area of the Municipality of Mabaruma, District 1.The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C),Authentic Jerseys Cheap, obtained 687 votes.The number of rejected ballot papers amounted to 31. The PPP/C and the APNU/AFC obtained three seats each.Anna Regina, District 2In the Anna Regina,Wholesale Jerseys, District 2, the PPP/C ‘took the cake’ with 4,310 votes, followed by APNU/AFC with 997. There were 54 rejected ballots. The PPP/C obtained 6 seats and APNU/AFC, two seats.Georgetown, District 4The following is a notification of the results of the election in respect of the Local Authority Area of the Municipality of Georgetown.A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) obtained 30,023 votes which earned the party 11 seats. The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) followed by 6,719 votes; two seats.Team Benschop for Mayor (TBFM) obtained 2,415 votes which earned the party one seat while Team Legacy (TL), with 1,515 votes, was also able to obtain a seat.A National Building Corps (AGNBC) obtained 660 votes, followed by the Youth for Local Government (YLG) Group with 591 votes.GECOM recorded 392 rejected ballot papers.New Amsterdam,Cheap Jerseys USA, District 6APNU+AFC hauled in 3,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,947 votes which enabled the party to obtain five seats followed by the PPP/C with 1,220 votes; two seats. 74 ballot papers were rejected.Corriverton, District 6In the Municipality of Corriverton, the PPP/C obtained 3,137 votes which earned them six seats followed by the NDDA with 1090 votes; two seats.GECOM recorded 59 rejected ballot papers.Rose Hall, District 6In Rose Hall, Berbice, the PPP/C received 1,177 votes; four seats. APNU+AFC received 742; three seats. 27 rejected ballot papers were recorded.Bartica, District 7In Bartica, APNU+AFC was able to gain 2,132 votes, the PPP/C 853, followed by the Bartica Independent Green Alliance (BIGA) with 375 votes. 37 ballot papers were rejected.APNU+AFC got six seats, the PPP/C gained 2 and BIGA, one.Lethem,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, District 9The APNU+AFC gained 662 votes; three seats.  The PPP/C, according to GECOM, gained 457 votes which enabled the party to gain two seats. The number of rejected ballots recorded by GECOM was 23.Linden, District 10In Linden, Region 10, the APNU+AFC gained 7,084 votes which earned them seven seats followed by the Linden 2025 group with 448 votes; one seat.The PPP/C obtained 361 votes while the Ambassadors for Progress Group hauled in 386 votes. GECOM recorded 116 rejected ballot papers.
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