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… after tying up elderly womanEighty-nine-year-old Sukra Mangray was on Thursday robbed for the second time by the same burglar. Only this time the culprit left behind his toy gun after tying up the elderly woman who was later discovered unconscious in her kitchenAccording to Sabattie Ramlall, Mangray’s daughter, the elderly woman was left alone around 8:00 am expecting another relative to keep her company during the day.Sukra MangrayRamlall said that Mangray told her that about 9:30 am,Cheap Arizona Cardinals Hoodies, while she was preparing lunch, the burglar whom she knew from a prior incident came into the kitchen,wholesale jerseys, armed with a toy and commanded her not to raise an alarm.The relative added that according to Mangray the burglar then tied her feet and her hands,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, and then wrapped a table cloth around her mouth; before proceeding upstairs rooms and stealing two gold chains, two gold rings and $20,000 in cash.Ramlall said that when she arrived home around 2:30 pm, five hours after the incident, she met dozens of persons outside her two-storey home watching in the house.The woman added that when she entered her home she discovered her mother lying in an unconscious state on the kitchen floor and immediately rushed her to the Enterprise Health Centre.“I touch her and called her name a couple of times but she didn’t respond so I loose out the cloth them he tie she up with,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China,” Ramlall said.Ramlall explained to this publication that in June,holesale Soccer Jerseys, the same burglar was contracted along with some other men to re-paint their home. “A day he turned up to the house while she was alone and he pulled out a knife at her and took her up to the bedroom and stole $40,000 in cash, a cell phone and a digital camera,” Ramlall said.The daughter said that she was unaware of the robbery up until she realized that some of the items were missing from the rooms.“A day I was cleaning up and I realized that some of the things were missing so I asked her where they money deh,China NFL Jerseys, and she said she didn’t know and then I asked her where is the camera and cell phone then is when she tell me that the boy came in the house with a knife and threatened to kill her if she didn’t give him the stuff,Jerseys NFL Cheap,” Ramlall said.The woman said that Mangray suffered abrasions to her hands legs, lips and bruises to her nose and ears.The toy gun on this occasion was left behind while the burglar still remains on the run and Mangray, in a traumatized state.
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