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Postby sei5trov9 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:17 am

De world full of mad people but if you had to ask everybody,Jerseys NFL China, nobody believe that deh mad. Uncle Adam got an uncle who believe he does spin de sun but when you ask him he would tell you that he ain’t mad.Dem boys read de statistics on sanity. It says one out of every four person is suffering from some sort of mental illness. Think of you three best friends—if they are okay then you is de mad one.Craig nearly run mad and is Vieira,wholesale nfl jerseys, Vic and Moses cause that. Dem boys hear Craig write nuff letters to beg Moses to intervene and protect him from Vieira and Vic.It look like Moses get bad eye because ee didn’t read none of dem letters. Dem boys want to know if he did read Vieira half resignation bluff letter.Craig plead till he cry,NFL Jerseys Cheap, then he resign. Wha hurt him was when Moses tell him to deal wid Vieira pun ee own. De man seh Moses is a waste and disgrace. That is why he can’t deal wid dem licence wha Jagdeo give he friends. Craig seh Moses pussyfooting wid de revocation. Dem boys believe he get a sutten just like Dr Nutten.De way how Moses behave give Jagdeo spunks to talk fat and fart. He tell dem reporters that he don’t have no regret to share out de radio licence to ee friends and family.He seh Ramroop does support him,Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullet, just like Mirror and Robert Persaud. That is why he give dem five channel each to broadcast all over Guyana. Who does talk one-one nice thing bout him get one licence fuh broadcast in small villages.And de real media houses that does criticize him ain’t get none and like Moses ain’t mean to give dem none.In fact the coalition gun come out of office and dem would never regularize de issue or put de broadcasting on a level playing field.Talk half and watch how Moses ah pussyfoot.
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