Tyson Jackson Falcons Jersey The reason is obviou

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Tyson Jackson Falcons Jersey The reason is obviou

Postby sei5trov9 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:50 pm

By Ralph SeeramThis is it; no” if’s or buts”; no more procrastination,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, no more excuses. The Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee, has to go. Henry Greene has to go; those officers involved in questionable “loaner luxury vehicle” have to go. In fact,Wholesale China Jerseys, the time has come for a complete revamping of the Force.President Bharrat Jagdeo needs to move expeditiously to set up an Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Police Force, and when I say independent, I mean independent of all influences. There is a crisis of confidence in the Guyana Police Force; the police have lost the confidence and respect of the general public, and that spells trouble for the Rule of Law.The recent revelation about elements in the Police Force connected to drug dealers is no surprise to the public; it was common knowledge. The fact that the accusations were made by a high level officer at a senior officers meeting adds credibility to the situation. What was surprising is the timid response by Henry Greene and Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee. Now tell me if I am missing something here. If an officer is being corrupt right under the Police Commissioner’s nose, is he going to be reformed by posting him or her to a remote location, or is that giving him a free hand to continue his corrupt activity? It reminds me of the Catholic Church scandals where priests who raped little boys were rewarded by being posted to another parish to continue raping young boys.Reporter Dale Andrews should be commended for breaking this story. It shows that this reporter has built a reputation where people are confident and feel safe to entrust him with confidential information. A release from the Police Force seemed to suggest that the onus is on Mr. Merai to provide evidence to support his allegations.This is a “cop out” by the Force. I thought when information is given to the police it was their job to do the investigations and not the other way around.Speaking of investigations,holesale Soccer Jerseys, I firmly believe that the public has no confidence in the police investigating themselves. It’s like “putting cat fuh watch milk”. It’s just not going to happen. President Jagdeo needs to call for the resignation of Rohee and Greene immediately. He needs to set up an impartial Commission of Inquiry into the Force, and I am not talking about a local Commission of Inquiry. No way. I am talking about an International Commission of Inquiry.This could be a seven person Commission. My suggestion is that five be drawn from the United Kingdom, Canada and the U.S and two from Guyana. Of the two Guyanese, one can be drawn from the Attorney General’s Office and the other,cheap jerseys nfl wholesale, a layman. The five overseas Commissioners could be drawn from jurists and senior police officers.Why go overseas? The reason is obvious; you want a body that will not be tainted by local influences,NFL Jerseys Outlet, a Commission that will be completely impartial. I firmly believe that the Guyanese will have no confidence in any Commission appointed by the government. Request could be made to the three mentioned countries to name appointees.The Guyanese people need to have a Police Force they can trust. Do you think an informant will feel safe giving the police confidential information without the information going back to the suspect? One needs to look at other countries like Mexico and Colombia where drug dealers penetrate law enforcement and governments.Guyana may not be fully there but it’s on the way and if firm action is not taken now to resolve the drug situation,Cheap Jerseys 2018, we may see another round of violence and murders in the society.While we are on the subject of the police, there needs to be an independent body to field reports and to investigate allegations of police brutality and other wrongdoing. Maybe, this could very well be one of the recommendations of that inquiry. I know that some people in and out of government will be mortally afraid of such an independent investigation. But again, the public trust must be restored if the Rule of Law is to be prevailed.People commit crimes because they feel they will not be caught, and this goes for any country not just Guyana. Recently, the police were successful in apprehending robbery suspects. I must say that they are doing much better than a few years ago and the few honest dedicated officers who put their lives in line of their duty should be commended.Ralph Seeram could be reached at Email: [email protected]
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