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The long wait is over. Yes, the police annual Gymkhana is back!This Sunday at 11:00 hours, the Police Sports Club ground,, Eve Leary, will come alive with the anticipated skills and thrills of daredevils from the Guyana Police Force and others.The day’s activity will feature a colourful parade by the performers followed by a treat for the public which will include a number of events such as motorcycle stunts, obedience and scent work by the Police Canine Section, displays by the Police Mounted Branch, silent drills,Wholesale Jerseys, gymnastics,NBA Store, a majorettes display,wholesale jerseys, tug-o-war and action by sprint teams in addition to merry-go-round and trampoline.The event gives the Police Force an opportunity to display their skills to the public as,cheap nfl jerseys, besides its entertaining feature, it projects some of the skills which are necessary elements in the police fight against crime,Brett Hull Red Wings Jersey, while providing an opportunity for closer interaction between the police and the community.The police Gymkhana was revived during 2008 and was a regular feature of entertainment for members of the public some years ago.Entrance to the Gymkhana on Sunday is free to members of the public and other Gymkhanas are slated to be held in Berbice, Essequibo and West Demerara.
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