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Murder of Minesota-based Guyanese… Although investigators are almost certain that they have arrested the “right persons” indications are that they might soon have to release the suspects in the killing of Minesota based Guyanese Roopnarine Ramodit.A source in Berbice has indicated that there is not enough evidence to link any of those arrested to the crime.Seven persons were detained for questioning into Ramodit’s killing which occurred last Wednesday night, a few hours after the 59 year old man and his wife had returned to Guyana for a one week vacation.According to the source,Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys, the persons arrested are known thieves in the area where the incident occurred.“We keep hearing that we have the right persons but without the evidence, we cannot nail them,Cheap Jerseys From China,” the source said.And with the stipulated 72-hour detention period expiring, the police will be hard pressed to hold on to the suspects.A post mortem examination performed on the body Ramodit, who was shot dead at his relative’s 117 Clifton,Wholesale Jerseys Online, Port Mourant home, revealed that he died from gunshot injuries and laceration to abdominal arteries.The killers reportedly fled with the victim’s gold chain.Roopnarine RamoditRamodit and his wife, Loopwattie, lived in Minnesota,China Jerseys Authentic, USA,Wholesale China Jerseys, and arrived in Guyana on Wednesday, she after 18 years and he after a decade and at her insistence. .Loopwattie Ramodit said that her husband had just showered and was having dinner outside, while she and their hosts, Dowatie and Raymond David,Wholesale China Jerseys, were in the kitchen.She was heating up food that her husband had bought from a restaurant earlier,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, when one of the gunmen entered the kitchen. He then told her to, “be quiet or I gon kill all alyuh”.She then heard a shot outside, after which both men fled the scene. It was then she discovered that her husband had been shot.Ramodit was rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The woman stated that her husband was very reluctant to come back to Guyana but she forced him to come. They had originally planned to visit another state in the US.She described her husband as a very religious man. The couple has three adult children who all reside in the USA.
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