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“Like any lawyer I had lots of questions, but once those were answered I was satisfied and I accepted”- Lutchman  A Partnership For National Unity and Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) coalition has agreed on formerProfessor Emeritus,Cheap NBA Jerseys Authentic, Harold LutchmanVice Chancellor of the University of Guyana,Cheap Jerseys Online, Professor Emeritus,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, Harold Lutchman,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, as the perfect man to be the Representative of its List of Candidates. This list is to be handed to the Guyana Elections Commission today.Prof Lutchman is now the ultimate man with authority to determine which members of the coalition will represent it in Parliament subsequent to the May,Wholesale Jerseys NFL, 11 General and Regional Elections.The Cummingsburg Accord,Cheap Jerseys, which was signed by APNU and AFC on February 14, to secure favourable conditions under which both Parties will head to the polls under one banner, stipulated that the Representative of the List must be taken from civil society.The coalition agreed that the Representative of the List will be assigned other responsibilities such as ensuring that the tenets of the Cummingsburg Accord are upheld by both of the political groupings.According to the Representation of the People Act (Chap. 1:03) the “Representative of the List” has to be a candidate of the Party and either be so designated or be the person whose name appears first on the list of candidates.Today being Nomination Day, Professor Emeritus Lutchman will submit the List to GECOM at an official ceremony to be held at City Hall.During an interview yesterday,NFL Jerseys China, the Attorney at Law said that he was approached last week by the coalition.He told Kaieteur News that he had numerous questions, all of which were answered to his satisfaction and as such, he decided to accept the offer.Professor Emeritus Lutchman said that he has plans to exercise his duties in full consultation with top members of the coalition. He added that he is one who holds strongly to the belief that power must be exercised and not abused. He said that he does not see his new position as a powerful one.Lutchman was a trade unionist and is a trained political scientist.
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