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Wholesale NFL Jerseys ” Granger noted

Postby sei5trov9 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:25 pm

-wants back monies for OP,Alexis Sanchez Arsenal Jersey UK, NCN,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, GINA, GPL Government has gone back to Parliament to ask for billions that the Opposition had slashed from the National Budget earlier this year.An additional amount,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, some $5.3B, is to go to the Prime Minister’s Secretariat for the provision of a “26 megawatt power plant.”Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, in his tabling of Financial Papers One and Two for 2012 yesterday, is also asking for monies for the Government Information News Agency (GINA), the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) and the Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU).The House will debate whether to approve the expenditures from the Consolidated Fund next week Thursday.In the first request, the Minister is looking to have the National Assembly approve some $211M for GINA which had complained bitterly when its original allocation had been slashed to $1.Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni SinghThe Opposition in reducing the budget had slammed the coverage of GINA of opposition activities saying it was heavily biased towards government.Government also wants back $1B which represents the subsidy that had been allocated for the Guyana Power and Light.The original amount requested had been $6B but the allocation had held $1B in abeyance in anticipation of reforms.Among the requests of the Finance Minister yesterday was one for $224.4M.This represents the allocation to the CANU and the State Planning Secretariat.The Opposition Alliance For Change and A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) had at the time of the budget cuts lamented the fact that the money is being transferred to these agencies under the profile “subsidies and contributions to local organisations.”Another request was for the Office of the President (OP) to the tune of $11.4M to make payments for expenditure “incurred in relation to climate change consultancies and legal fees.”The National Communications Network, whose budget was also reduced to a dollar, was also listed on this first supplementary for $65M for Capital Works.The second request for a supplementary request represents the bulk of the monies slashed from the entire budget and was to the tune of $12.1B.Of this, the first item documented is some $127.4M requested to pay salaries and wages for the contracted employees under “Office of the President-Presidential Advisory (Cabinet and Other Services)”.The affected Low Carbon Development Programmes was also listed in this second financial paper for $2B.There was a $500M request by the Guyana Elections Commission and this is said to be “provision for the payment of stipend to the monitoring groups, distribution of ID cards,Cheap Jerseys USA, honoraria for permanent staff and payment to temporary staff in 2012.”Some $635M is documented also in the request and is to cater for the further increase in Old Age pension that had come about as a result of extra-Parliamentary talks at Office of the President during the Budget debates.There are also several amounts listed as “provision for additional inflows.”These monies have been explained in the past as foreign inflows that need to be reflected in the National Accounts.Only recently, when APNU observed its one year anniversary, Brigadier (rtd) David Granger had trumpeted the Budget cut as one of its primary achievements.Granger had indicated to media operatives that a few days after the election, APNU along with the AFC had taken a position that the 2012 Budget should be more ‘people centred’ in order to achieve real development.“We did not see in the National Budget,Cheap NFL jerseys China, measures that would significantly improve the well-being of the people and we took action to prevent the budget, in the form that it was presented, from being approved… and we insisted on certain changes.”Granger said that there were several meetings held with a view to demanding those changes, and when those demands were not adhered to, “we took action which we are empowered to do within the National Assembly”.Asked about the validity of the claim that the budget cut can be held up as a triumph Granger had emphasized “”we regard it as a triumph because for the first time in 20 years the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP C) has been made to explain in much greater detail,WBC Jerseys 2017, the budgetary measures that it hopes to introduce”.“Although you may not have seen the effects, we are confident that the meltdown that you are seeing at NCN (National Communications Network Inc.) has been in part, a result of the scrutiny… and scrutiny is an important Parliamentary function,” Granger asserted.”The cuts were not meant to be punitive,” Granger noted, “the cuts were meant to be curative.”“The PPP now knows better that it has to prepare its Financial Papers with much more detailed planning before it comes to the National Assembly.”Both AFC and APNU, using their one-seat majority, had slashed $21B of the $192B budget, the first time for the House.It had led to a court case in which Chief Justice (ag) Ian Chang ruled that Parliament had no authority to reduce the budget of the independent Ethnic Relations Commission. The judge also ruled that the National Assembly did not have the authority to reduce or cut the estimates in the Budget.This effectively cleared the way for government to return to Parliament and use the Financial Papers as a means to replace the monies that were reduced during the historic budget debate.
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