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Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply UGSS

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Students attached to the University Of Guyana,Nike NFL Jerseys China, (UG) have resolved to find suitable solutions to bring an end to the industrial action by the two unions on campus. To this end they say that they are prepared to stage protests.Classes which were scheduled to begin at the University, yesterday, were cancelled after the Senior Staff Association (UGSSA) and the University of Guyana Workers’ Union (UGWU) staged a ‘sit-in’ as a form of industrial action in renewed calls for improved wages,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, salaries and benefits for all employees.The Unions have been calling for improvements of salaries and other benefits such as duty free concessions and increased allowances for employees since 2012.The bodies have said that they sought to negotiate with the administration since May 2012, but just when it appeared as if the negotiations were making slow but somewhat steady progress, the Council intervened and cancelled a scheduled meeting, thus halting the process.The workforce has been suffering for a long time from what the unions say are starvation wages and an extremely poor and oftentimes dangerous working environment.As such, employees made a collective decision to go on strike calling for a 60 per cent salary increase payable from March 2015. The union is also calling for improvements in the other areas of benefits such as duty free concessions and increased allowances.The sit-in began yesterday. The strike is now affecting some 5000 students currently attached to the University.Yesterday, lecturers and other University employees reported for work, but did not engage in any teaching or provide services to the students.As such,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, a large group of concerned students gathered at UG’s Education Lecture’s Theatre (ELT) tarmac to express their frustration and raise suggestions to end the ongoing issue which has directly affected classes at the University.During a heated discussion the students expressed their discontentment at conditions at the University,NFL Jerseys Cheap, given the increased fees imposed on the student body.Last year, UG fees were increased from $110,000 to $210,000 annually. Some students noted that it is unfair to pay for services which they cannot benefit. Others expressed concerned that the strike would continue for as long as two weeks.Students attached to the Faculty of Law,Cheap NFL Jerseys, stressed the importance of having the issue resolved since it can directly affect their preparations and performance at their final exams.“If I don’t get adequate learning material to study … I will not be able to sit exams when the time comes. Our exams are set regionally. Who will reset the exams for us? Who will compensate us for that?”The meeting was spearheaded by members of the University of Guyana Student Society (UGSS). In his presentation, UGSS President, Joshua Griffith,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, noted that against the backdrop of increased fees, students are saddled with unacceptable conditions at the start of the new semester.The UGSS called for better classroom facilities, better staff appraisal systems and a higher standard of service from all University staff.“It is inexcusable that in this day and age classrooms are not equipped with projectors,NFL Jerseys China, microphones, or even chalk! The bathroom facilities are not useable. In fact,Jerseys NFL Cheap, I believe it is time we rise to the occasion and reap the benefits of Article 27. We deserve FREE Tertiary Education. Until we achieve that goal, we demand to see value for our money.”Griffith added, “It is also inexcusable that the timely release of student grades remains a challenge.“Some students are still awaiting grades from the last academic year. This affront to our students must stop. It must stop now. And that is why we are here today,” he added.Griffith said that the movement demands a unified front involving the input of the UGSS and students alike.As such, the students have collectively decided to push for a UG council meeting to have the matter addressed immediately.The students are demanding that UG’s Vice Chancellor Professor Jacob Opadeyi call a council meeting to have the issues addressed on Wednesday. Alternatively, the students plan to stage a protest on Campus if their demands are not met.
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