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Joe Klecko Jets Jersey uoahnb5c

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Her great grandmother committed suicide and her sister attempted to take her own life early this year. Now,Aaron Ekblad Team North America Jersey, the girl who once told her mother, “There is a lot of men in this world,Kris Versteeg Jersey, so there is no need for me to kill myself for anyone” has taken her own life.Her body was discovered on the Kingston seawall, alongside a male, Ramesh Beharry, last Monday after both of them reportedly committed suicide; the young lady’s relatives are baffled by her action.Dead: Kavita AklooAround 17:00 hrs on Monday,Brandon Saad Team North America Jersey, the bodies of 19-year-old Kavita Akloo and Beharry were found on the seawall.Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum confirmed that none of the bodies bore any marks of violence. He said that ranks retrieved two receipts for two different poisonous substances from Beharry’s pocket.Akloo’s mother,Matt Dumba Jersey, Sharda Narine, said that she still cannot come to grips with the fact that her daughter committed suicide.This was the same daughter, who she (Narine) said, lambasted her older sibling, when she attempted to take her own life early this year.“My daughter’s husband was having an affair and she tried to kill herself. So when Kavita heard, she said that she would never do something like that because there are a lot of men in the world,” Narine recalled.Narine revealed that three weeks ago, her daughter moved from her home after she, Narine, objected to having the young woman’s boyfriend move into their Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara (ECD) home.“She met someone over the internet. I don’t know if it is the same boy (Beharry) but she wanted to bring the boy home and I objected because she had a boyfriend before and that boyfriend use to come home,” the woman said.Kaieteur News was further told that the young lady then moved from her mother’s home to live with her father,Chris Chelios Jersey, who lives further up the coast.According to the mother, Akloo was always her best child. “I could tell her anything and she wouldn’t answer me. If I ask her to do anything,Tony Esposito Jersey, she would go and do it without asking questions or even hesitate.”Meanwhile, the relatives of Beharry are shocked at the way the young man chose to end his life.Dead: Ramesh BeharryHis mother,Michael Jordan Jersey, Chandracarla Sanichar, said that her son left home Monday morning to go to work but did not return home the night.“He lives next door by his aunt so when he didn’t come home on Monday,Josh Harding Jersey, his aunt called the Tuesday and asked me if I see him and I tell her ‘no’,” the woman recalled.She added that she left home to go to the market. “When I was at the market I heard the paper vendor talking about two lovebirds who committed suicide but I didn’t think Beharry would kill himself.”The mother further explained that when she returned home she informed her relatives about the double suicide.“We then check on the internet and that’s when we see it was him.”The woman said that her son never mentioned anything about the young lady. “I have no idea who she is or what she does. All I know is that my son and her body were found on the seawall.”She said that last Sunday,Trevor Van Riemsdyk Jersey, her son seemed to be in good spirit and looked happy.A post mortem examination will be done on Friday.
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