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– ValentiniIt would be inappropriate and as such the World Bank will not get into any tit-for-tat with the Government of Guyana.World Bank Country Representative, Giorgio Valentini This was the response by the entity’s representative to Guyana, Giorgio Valentini, when asked for a comment on the statement issued by Minister of Finance Dr Ashni Singh in relation to several comments he (Valentini) had made regarding the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project.Valentini was asked recently why the World Bank was not “too keen” on the project and he disclosed that they were not asked.Yesterday, Valentini did promise however that some time in the future he would speak with media operatives and pronounce on matters at that time.Dr Singh had lambasted the World Bank official following an article carried by this newspaper which noted that the Guyana government never approached the World Bank to seek assistance for financial closure for the projectThe Finance Minister in a statement questioned the Bank’s priorities and opined that its country representative had no competence to comment on the Amaila Falls hydro project.Dr Singh in his lyrical rant said that the Bank’s move to new offices and the hiring of new staff have come to be a “worrying trend of shifting priorities.”He said that he would be happier, if the country office of the Bank expended more effort to increase its work and development impact in Guyana,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale China, instead of trying to increase its visibility and,, “creature comforts.”“Of all our development partners, the Bank has one of the smallest project portfolios,Chris Chelios Red Wings Jersey, but one of the largest offices and, it would appear,, one of the largest appetites for publicity and self-promotion, even if only recently acquired. Guyana still faces considerable development challenges, and we need the assistance of the World Bank, we don’t need grandstanding by their staff in country.”Dr. Ashni SinghDr Singh said that Guyana has valued the work of the Bank over the years,wholesale jerseys, but is firmly of the view that the Bank’s mandate in Guyana would be better served by greater prudence on the part of its staff than has been displayed by its country office recently,cheap nfl jerseys online, “including the most recent media jaunt by the Bank’s Representative.”Valentini recently met with members of the local media in a bid to increase cooperation between the media and that entity.He was asked about the World Bank’s position on the project,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, given the fact that as part of its support in Guyana in the short term it will focus on Climate Change.“We never received a request from Guyana,” Valentini had expressed, while explaining that the World Bank would only get involved in a project if it is asked to.The Amaila Falls Hydro Electric project has attracted a significant level of public scrutiny in recent times pertaining to its cost and the ability of the developers to efficiently execute the project but the Government has staunchly defended it.
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