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Cheap NFL Jerseys China 51

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The prosecution on Monday called Forensic pathologist Dr. Vivikanand Brijmohan to the witness stand when the murder trial of former volleyball stalwart and popular New Amsterdam businessman, Charles Henry called Charles Bristol, continued in the New Amsterdam High Court.Bristol, 53,Cheap NHL Jerseys Online,  a remigrant Guyanese of Main Street and Lad Lane, New Amsterdam, and owner of the Bristol Mall, is accused of killing Errol Lindo, 51, on Wednesday April 16, 2014 at High Dam, Caracas, East Canje, Berbice.The matter is being heard in the Berbice High Court by Justice Franklyn Holder and a mixed jury.Dr. Brijmohan was led in his evidence by state Prosecutor Attorney-at-Law Natasha Backer. The doctor in his evidence stated that he observed three main wounds on the body—one to the region of the collar bone and neck,Cheap Jerseys, another in the region of the thigh and knee cap and another in the region of the chest.He gave the cause of death as shock and haemorrhage due to gunshot injuries. He explained that there was rapid loss of blood.He said there were two gunshot injuries, one to the neck and another to the thigh.There was a tear to the pulmonary artery which takes blood to the heart.Under cross-examination by Attorney-at-Law, Nigel Hughes,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, the doctor stated that there was only one serious injury which was the one in the region of the collar bone. He could not tell which wound came first. There was some bruising on the body which was as a result of blunt impact. There was no evidence of four gunshot wounds.In answered to a question from Justice Holder the doctor stated that one of the wounds was from the region above the left collar bone moving downwards into the left chest.Being re-examined by Hughes, the witness stated that no bullet was found. In answer to Hughes the doctor stated that if any bullet was left in a body it is most likely found.  If the bullet exits the body there is an entry and exit wound.Dr. Brijmohan after being questioned further stated that the wound in the region of the collar bone was a large one which was about six to seven inches. He said there was evidence of surgical intervention which would have enlarged the wounds. He could not say if there were any gunshot injuries there before, due to the surgical interventions.  He said only the surgeon could answer that question.In answer to a further question from Justice Holder as to why he stated that there were two gunshot injuries. The doctor explained that he gave his answer because of the excessive blood loss,Wholesale Jerseys, the collapse of the lung and the tear to the pulmonary artery which is consistent with gunshot injuries.Henry or Bristol is being represented by Attorneys-at-Law Nigel Hughes and Kim Kyte, in association with Tamya Warren Clements and Shabana Barnwell.Testifying so far have been Police ballistics expert, Floyd Hosannah,NFL Jerseys China Online, Travis Crandon, Rookmin Dindyal, Indranie Nandalall called “Meena” at whose place Henry sought refuge,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, Agnes Joseph, Cassandra Arthur, Police Sergeant Curtis Cort and Corporals Brian Caesar and Phillip Walters.The trial is to continue today.
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