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Residents of Buxton and surrounding villages on the East Coast of Demerara are demanding the reversal of a decision to remove a doctor from the Buxton Health Centre and replace him with a medic.The residents who staged a mini protest yesterday at the health facility said that the decision was disrespectful, especially since there was no prior notice of the move.Some of the concerned residents awaiting treatment at the Buxton Health Centre yesterday.Yesterday,Air Max 97 Silver, several persons turned up for clinic only to be told that the doctor that they had grown accustomed to for the past six years had been transferred.Health Minister Dr. Bheri Ramsaran obliged and reminded that it is not unusual for doctors to be transferred from location to location. He subsequently referred this newspaper to the relevant personnel in his Ministry, but most of them either refused to address the matter or were unavailable for comment when this newspaper contacted them.Efforts were also made to contact the Regional Health Officer, Region Four,NHL Ice Hockey Jerseys, but a promised call was never returned.Yesterday, many who visited the Buxton Health Centre were eventually turned away without receiving treatment since, according to reports,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, the medic who had replaced the doctor could not effectively diagnose their condition.“He said that he cannot do the doctor’s work,” one resident told this newspaper.Additionally,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the facility has been without a dispenser for quite awhile and this is also posing problems for effective medical treatment.When this newspaper visited the Health Centre yesterday morning, a number of residents voiced their displeasure at the move to replace the doctor, with some even becoming emotional.Patricia Phillips of Friendship, ECD, has been a patient of the centre for the past two years and had become very fond of the doctor.“I have been seeing this same doctor all the time. Whenever you come to this clinic, he would take his time and treat you, before he prescribes whatever tablet you got to use. He’s very good, we want him here,” said.Bibi Rahaman from Annandale also had good words to say about the doctor.“I like this doctor, he listens to your story. We don’t want him removed. Everybody upset about this situation,” Rahaman stated.Bernice Glen had this to say, “Why are they doing this to us?  We need, we don’t want… We need our doctor. So please Minister of Health,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, let our doctor remain. We don’t want no medic.”Residents informed that the government had promised that after the health centre was rehabilitated, there would have been a resident doctor there. However, this has not materialised although the building has been completed.Residents explained that the doctor who served the community for several years would even visit persons at their home,Cheap NHL Jerseys, something previous health care personnel who had worked in the community did not do.“I know other doctors before, but no other like this one. Medic can’t do what this doctor can do,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply,” said Ingrid Beveney.“If you can’t come out, like the elderly, he goes home to look at them. If you get somebody die at home, he will go there and pronounce them dead. All of that we get accustomed to. How many more doctors will do that for us?” asked Evelyn Estwick.Kaieteur News understands that a similar situation is occurring at the C.C. Nicholson Memorial Hospital at Nabaclis, a few miles away from Buxton.
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