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On this year’s “International Day to End Impunity,” prominent columnist and former University of Guyana lecturer Frederick Kissoon will be a main feature at the International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX). He will be highlighted for his continued contributions in the area of human rights and political activism and for the many attacks that he has overcome in a bid to express himself freely.In light of the numerous attacks launched against Kissoon due to his work,NHL Ice Hockey Jerseys, the international body has called on the Government to,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, “investigate the threats made against Kissoon, and to look into why he and his wife were fired from their jobs without reason; with a view to reinstating them if there are no grounds for the dismissals.”IFEX is an alliance of 16 members in Latin America and the Caribbean. Their mission is to promote and defend the right to freedom of expression through collaboration between organizations that carry out such work in the region. Kissoon’s experience as an activist is one of the cases to be highlighted at this year’s celebration to be held on November 23.Former UG lecturer, Kaieteur News columnist and political activist Frederick KissoonKissoon, a fierce government critic who served as a Lecturer at the state-run University of Guyana for 26 years, had his employment contract terminated in January of this year without reasonable cause. His wife, who served at Guyana Office for Investment, a semi-autonomous body directed by the Office of the President was also dismissed from her place of work without suitable explanation.The organization has thus labeled the Kissoons’ terminations as malicious and unjust. They have posited to the Government the need for protection and activation of international rights and obligations to protect freedom of expression.“As we highlight the culture of impunity surrounding attacks on journalists and those who dare to speak out against those in power, I call on the government of Guyana to uphold its international rights and obligations to protect freedom of expression,NFL Jerseys From China,” said IFEX Campaign and Advocacy Specialist Heather Orrange.“International Day to End Impunity” is orbited by two major factors; the culture of impunity and its impact.According to IFEX, “A culture of impunity exists when those who seek to control the freedom of expression of others do so knowing that it is unlikely that they will be held accountable for their actions.” The impact of this culture is that, “Impunity creates a climate of injustice and insecurity for those practicing their right to freedom of expression.”  “This leads to a world where people are afraid to speak out. Where criticism is stifled, where the hard questions don’t get asked, where the powerful don’t get challenged. The result is a world where free expression is silenced.”According to IFEX,China Jerseys, Kissoon is however viewed as being defiant, for despite the numerous alleged Government orchestrated attacks, he is said to be a fighter.The body quoted Kissoon as saying, “I am a critic of the government like so many others. I am a human rights activist like so many others. I will continue to do what I’m doing … until I die.”In 2004 Kissoon was assaulted and had his car stolen. In 2010 he was attacked again when a man dumped a bucket of human waste on him, an incident that some believe was hatched by Government officials.In January of this year, Kissoon was dismissed from his position as a lecturer at the University of Guyana. In August Kissoon was again assaulted,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, days after he had written about being a victim “of state oppression”.Apart from that, the former UG lecturer is currently before the courts having being sued for US$40,000 along with the Kaieteur News Publisher and Editor by Former President Bharrat Jagdeo, who said that an article written by Kissoon in 2010 was libelous. It is alleged that Kissoon accused Jagdeo’s administration of practicing “ideological racism”.Kissoon believes that there is a government-sponsored campaign to silence him. The IFEX has backed the columnist after citing that,Cheap Jerseys Store, “The fact that none of the incidents involving Kissoon have been investigated or solved seems to support his theory.”IFEX said it wrote a letter to President Ramotar, demanding a halt to the harassment of Freddie Kissoon, who was attacked, threatened and dismissed from his job for his reporting. “The crimes,Cheap Jerseys From China,” the organization said, “have gone unpunished, but it is the right of all citizens to stand up for the right to free expression.”
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