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On Monday it was considered a bittersweet moment at the Cove and John Magistrate’s Court for an Enmore family who, after more than a year, is of the opinion that justice has been served.For the Sawh family,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, of Log Wood,Cheap China Jerseys, despite the fact that the completion of an inquest would not bring back their loved one,Wholesale Jerseys China, the family members believe that it would be a lesson to law enforcement ranks who feel that excessive force is the only way to deal with a prisoner.On Thursday January 16,Cheap Jerseys Online, 2008, the body of 19-year-old Rameshwar Sawh was found hanging from the ceiling of the lockups.Reports were that the teen used pieces of his T-shirt to fashion a rope, which he used to hang himself.Police made the discovery some time around 15:00 hours on that fateful day, while they were escorting another man to the lock-ups.According to a statement, which was issued by the police following the incident, the man they were escorting refused to enter the lock-ups after seeing Sawh hanging from the ceiling.Sawh’s body was immediately cut down and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.Sawh had been arrested earlier in the day for questioning into the alleged theft of car battery in the area.Ever since the incident, relatives maintained that Sawh did not commit suicide and were determined to have justice served.Once the family got over its grief to some extent the next move was to secure the services of a lawyer to fight for their cause.The dead man’s mother, Indroutie Sawh, said that when the family approached Attorney-at-law Anil Nandlall he was more than willing to take the case.Nandlall’s first move was to the High Court before Chief Justice (ag) Ian Chang who ordered that the presiding Magistrate at the Cove and John Court hold a Coroner’s Inquest into the unnatural death of Sawh.Once the inquest began,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, and all that came out subsequently, Mrs. Sawh said she was confident in the four-person panel jury and Magistrates Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus that the family would get justice.Now several months after the inquest has been completed the court has found that what the family was claiming all along was indeed so.Magistrate Isaacs-Marcus on Monday concluded that the Police rank who arrested Sawh could be held responsible for his death.With this decision the family said that while nothing can ever bring back Rameshwar Sawh they now feel a since of relief.“My son was never suicidal; he had several brushes with the law and he went in lock-ups before but he never attempted to kill himself…and from day one we were saying the same thing since,” Mrs. Sawh said.The woman amidst tears yesterday, said that she was not going to stop at anything to get justice served for her son.Now that this is over the woman said she is thankful to the lawyer, and everyone else who assisted her during her time of grief.She noted,Wholesale China Jerseys, too, that for other families who have had similar experience not to give up on their matters but to pursue in the name of justice.
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