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Cheap NFL Jerseys tqul1dsg

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A 21-year-old amateur boxer was brought to the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on Friday to face a charge of escaping lawful custody. Herlando Allicock appeared before Magistrate Sueanna Lovell and pleaded not guilty.The Lot 33 James Street,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Albouystown resident,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, who was said to have been detained for receiving stolen articles,NHL Ice Hockey Jerseys, had allegedly escaped custody from the Brickdam Police Station on October 27. The prosecutor told the court that around 21:00hours,jerseys cheap nfl, Allicock pushed an officer and ran out of the police institution.Appearing for the defendant was Defense Attorney Adrian Thompson whose story was different from that of the prosecution. The lawyer sought to explain to the court deviance on the part of the police telling the gathering that the ranks had released his client even chasing him out of the station and then claiming he had escaped.The attorney imparted that his client was taken into custody for allegedly receiving the stolen articles. He said Allicock was detained for three days in the lock ups and was then released. Thompson claimed that his client was told to get out of the station. Then an alarm was raised,Supply Authentic NFL Jerseys, claiming Allicock was getting away.Thompson said that his client was not even charged with the offence of receiving stolen articles. He reiterated that no charges were instituted and the matter was settled.  Thompson stated that it would be rather strange for his client to escape from such a heavily guarded institution as Brickdam Police Station.The lawyer requested that the court ask the prosecution whether his client was not detained for five days. Thompson asked the prosecutor whether it was not true that the police on November 5 saw his client on the street and proceeded to run him down with the police vehicle.Thompson said that his client was indeed mistreated by the police and that his client was detained way beyond the stipulated holding period.The prosecution denied knowledge of the allegations made about the police’s actions,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, so did the officer who brought the defendant to court. The rank said he was only instructed on the same morning to take the prisoner to court.Thompson said that his client was only charged with an offence on Thursday. He further told the court that his client was not a flight risk and that he was known to the police. He said it would only be fair that his client be granted pre- trial liberty and be granted bail in a reasonable sum.The prosecution who originally objected to bail withdrew the application. The court granted bail in the sum of $ 25,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,000 and ordered that he visit the Brickdam Police Station every Monday at 9:30 a.m. Allicock will return to the court on November 16.
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