China NFL Jerseys during the preliminary inquiry

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China NFL Jerseys during the preliminary inquiry

Postby y3w9s0d5r » Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:30 am

Three more witnesses yesterday took the stand before Justice William Ramlal as the Ashanti “Blondie” Schultz trial continued.First to take the stand was Constable Philbourne Elias, who continued to give his evidence in chief about the matter. He was further cross examined by Defence Counsel Nigel Hughes.Elias was asked about the location in which he found the spent shells. The constable, during the preliminary inquiry, had stated that he picked up the three .32 spent shells that were on the Eastern Carriageway of Main Street.However,Cheap NFL Jerseys, today the constable while being cross examined, told the court that the spent shells were removed from the Western Carriageway. Elias then admitted in court that he made a mistake.The constable was then asked if the magistrate at the Magistrates’ Court did not ask if he wanted to “add, alter or correct” any of the evidence which he had given, he answered in the affirmative.He was then asked why he did not correct it and it took the witness in an excess of ten minutes to answer. Justice Ramlal then asked the jury to take note of the witness’ reluctance to answer the question.Elias then admitted that he forgot to tell the magistrate that he wanted to correct that discrepancy.The constable was also questioned about the wounds he had allegedly seen on the body of the decease.He had told the court earlier that Nero had a gaping wound at the back of his head, and another to the shoulder.Hughes then asked if he had seen anything on the post mortem report which suggested that Nero received a gaping wound to the head and one to the shoulder. He said that he had not seen anything that suggested that.The witness said that he took a dress which “Blondie” was wearing for gun powder residue testing.Hughes then asked Elias whether he uplifted the report to know the findings; the constable told the court that he did not have time to uplift the report.The lawyer questioned the policeman about the three .32 spent shells which he collected from the scene. The policeman said that he did not submit the spent shells to the Forensic Department.When asked about the method he used to retrieve the spent shells; Elias said that he used his fingers, further adding that he did not have a reason not to submit the spent shells.The jury then asked Elias if it was customary for policemen,Wholesale Jerseys, to remove evidence from a crime scene with their bare hands and he said no.He was asked why he did this,Wholesale Jerseys China, and he stated that the spent shells were not going to be taken for fingerprint testing.Justice Ramlal at this point inquired from Elias if he had ruled out the person whose fingerprints were on the spent shells as a suspect and he answered in the affirmative.That was the end of his evidence in chief. Ballistic Expert Eon Jackson was then called to take the witness stand. Jackson only got the opportunity to list his qualifications, when he was asked by the Judge to produce documentations to support this claim,wholesale jerseys, before he can be deemed an expert. Jackson would have to stand down,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, until he produces the documents.Alton Sawyers also took the witness stand,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, and told the court about the events leading up to the shooting.The matter was adjourned to today where it is expected that Sawyers and Jackson would further give evidence in the matter.
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