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Cheap NFL Jerseys jwccuer3

Postby dfr9xcdy66 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:33 am

Brazzy looking fuh an easy way out of de story wha all Guyana talking bout these days. He buy a cast net and now he tangle heself in that same net. He announce how he want debate. He pick pun Prakash and Moses and Carl and everybody.De Waterfalls boss man was de first person who challenge he to explain de rationale behind de Marriott. De man want to know wha benefit he,  de Boss man and de whole country,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, would get fuh dem tax dollars in de hotel. Brazzy promise to meet couple days later to explain. He build up people hope,Nike NFL Jerseys China, and not de Hope canal from wha de Rob Bert thief out all de money.De day before de meeting,Wholesale Jerseys USA, in a thin voice,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Brazzy seh that he nah want nutten to do wid de Boss man.That is why dem boys smile when dem hear Prakash tell he, “Debate?  I want interrogate you, de Rat and all de Bees. You must answer question. You mustn’t be allowed to ask question. You damn eyes pass people in this country fuh tell dem you ready fuh debate. ”Dem boys seh,Wholesale Football Jerseys, debate what? You got to show de books. In short you got to show de nation wheh you hide de billions. Brazzy put out a statement but de statement only confirm he state of mind and that is confused.In de statement he talk when de company form and who appoint director and who got to do wha and who got to guh wheh. He also seh in de statement how he pay in some money.Dem boys want tell he dem don’t want to know how de company form and who form it. That is fuh school debate. Dem boys don’t want to hear how he push one penny here and a dollar to de government. Dem boys want fuh know wha you,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, Brazzy,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, don’t understand?What de nation want fuh know is how much money you collect from de other state agencies, how much state properties you sell, to who and fuh how much, and wha you do wid all de money. Dem want fuh know how much you bury and wheh you bury am.If is in de cemetery dem boys plan fuh wait till you guh fuh dig it up and bury you right deh wid you head down.Talk half and read de other half.
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