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The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Claims and Objections period for National Identification cards is slated to come to an end early next month. But according to leader of the People’s National Congress Reform, Robert Corbin, GECOM may need to extend the claims and objections period due to the fact that many persons are yet to respond.“I don’t know whether it is compromising the elections as yet. What we are drawing attention to is that there have been adequate time so far to monitor what was going on and we trust that what happens in the next few days will put us in the position to make a proper assessment.”The distribution of National Identification Cards commenced early in November 2009. As a result,Wholesale China Jerseys, persons who were registered during the House-to-House registration process had become eligible to collect their ID Cards.“We don’t want to suggest that GECOM needs to extend the time as yet but it is something that GECOM may need to consider because the information from our position is not unique. GECOM itself had this information at the end of the registration exercise,NFL Jerseys Authentic,” Corbin added.She further disclosed that there are reports of the widespread distribution of defective ID Cards, particularly with photographic images that are not easily recognisable, as well as ID Cards that appear to be defaced. There are also mistakes in the details recorded on the ID Cards.She advised, yesterday, that persons who have collected defective ID Cards should return these to the designated GECOM Offices, in the Region in which they reside, to have them replaced before February 1, 2010.The Claims and Objections period commenced on January 4,China Jerseys, 2010 and is expected to conclude on February 8, 2010.   The present Claims and Objections period, Ally said, provides the opportunity for persons, resident in the six municipalities and 65 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils, who were not registered, during the House-to-House Registration process, and who attain the age of 18 or above by March 28, 2010, to be registered on or before February 1,nfl jerseys wholesale, 2010.In addition, persons requiring transfers, as a result of changes in their address, and name changes, as well as providing the opportunity to cleanse the Preliminary Voters List (PVL) by removing the names of persons who ought not to be on the list, e.g. dead persons have until February 8, 2010, to do so.Ally further disclosed that the field work of the political Opposition during the claims and objections period has been hampered by the administrative failures of GECOM. For example, in the absence of the early submission of hard copies of the PVL, the PNCR, like the other Opposition Parties, only received the promised electronic copy of the PVL 15 days after the commencement of the Claims and Objections period which began on January 4, 2010, Ally added.The PNCR,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, she said,NFL Jerseys Outlet, required a minimum of two days to produce and distribute copies to all Regions to enable its operatives to effectively participate in the Claims and Objections exercise.The consequence is that the Party is left with only 13 days to adequately deal with Claims and Objections.“GECOM was unable to appoint an adequate number of Scrutineers to properly scrutinise the Claims and Objections process until approximately 10 days after the commencement of the exercise.“They apparently did not recognise that the same Scrutineer cannot oversee the work at the centre as well as simultaneously undertake verification in the field. GECOM needs to understand that transparency is important for there to be confidence in their role,” Ally noted.Ally however lauded the GECOM’s introduction of a much needed Public Education Programme. Its implementation she said must, therefore be intensified to ensure that the electorate is adequately informed of the fundamental changes to the Local Government Electoral system prior to the holding of Local Government Elections.
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