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Cheap Arizona Cardinals Hoodies as he called them

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Chairman of the Mahdia Fire Victims Committee,NFL Jerseys China, Floyd Herman, yesterday set the record straight on a $500,Jerseys China Cheap NFL,000 Digicel donation.Last Wednesday Herman reported that in an attempt to aid the victims of the Mahdia fire in July, Digicel had made the donation to the victims.Two months ago,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys 2018, Region Eight Executive Officer, Ishwar Dass,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, received the cheque from Digicel but claimed that he had used the money to offset expenses associated with aid for the fire victims. At the time of the interview the committee had received no funds.Herman said the committee was told that the monies were used to purchase mattresses for the victims yet none of the remaining funds were forthcoming.Yesterday however, Herman said that not only did the REO deliver the funds to the Committee, but he even gave them the whole $500,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping,000 without deducting the cost of the mattresses.He said that the confusion came as a result of a break down in communications while the REO was away on business in the Paramakatoi area.After his return to Mahdia on Friday, the REO and Herman had a meeting on Monday morning. Also present were seven other members. At that meeting the REO had a cheque for the full amount prepared, signed and handed over to the committee.Herman also took the opportunity to speak of another issue which was raised at that meeting. The victims of the fire are currently living in Government buildings where,Wholesale Jerseys, according to Herman, they are being allowed to reside for three months. That period will come to an end on October 1. Herman pointed out that there is an agreement which provides the victims with house lots in a plot of land allotted by the Government.The land has not been parceled out as yet, nor has the Government run a road into the area.The fire victims are not asking for much however – Herman said that all they want was for the land to be divided into lots and for a supply of potable water to be sent up to the area.They are prepared to live in tents or under ‘polins’ (tarpaulins) as he called them,  since they were no strangers to that sort of lifestyle.Early in August there was movement on the proposed housing scheme when works were undertaken to clear the area.On July 1, some 20 buildings were razed by fire in the centre of Mahdia’s commercial district. More than two dozen families were left homeless.
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