provide quality services global market

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provide quality services global market

Postby qizhen0809 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 9:54 am

Not long ago, the Daya Wood Group, as the controlling shareholder of the Power Dekor floor, by the National Customer Symposium of the machine recommended homogeneous particleboard of new products, so that the "big Asian" brand from the well-known enterprises behind the elephant came out and began to build Its own brand of the road,
cleverly realized the Asian wood industry a strategic upgrade. Large Asia has long been "hidden" in the Holy Land, such as the Holy World round of furniture and other brand-name products behind the growing shortage of timber resources for the global market demand for efficient man-made board expanding opportunity, the Asian Wood finally reclusive " Rivers and lakes "28 years after the decision came to the stage,
opened to the top 100 enterprises sprint journey. On the same day, Boloni, Qu Mei and other famous enterprises and reached a cooperation agreement. Daya Group CEO Chen Jianhua said that the future mission of Daya is to focus on product management, to provide quality services to the global market, this goal also need to call for more dealers to complete in order to achieve their own brand and product distributors to grow, Common prosperity.
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