Air Max 97 Buy Online after Ledra left work

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Air Max 97 Buy Online after Ledra left work

Postby sei5trov9 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:12 pm

A Bank of Nova Scotia Bank employee was stabbed and robbed while travelling home in a Route 47 minibus on Friday afternoon. Police are yet to apprehend the perpetrators.The man who was identified as 21-year-old Raul Ledra was forced to disembark the minibus after being injured. He then contacted a relative who transported him to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.According to reports,Wholesale NBA Jerseys Authentic, after Ledra left work, he joined a route 47 minibus BKK 1364.  He noticed a man in the seat in front of him waving a pair of scissors. The man was turning around and looking at someone in the back seat and showing signs while communicating with another male passenger.It was disclosed that one of the passengers also was whispering with a man in the back seat. At Sussex and Albouys Streets,China NFL Jerseys, Ledra was attacked by the man in the front seat who demanded the Blackberry cellular phone he was using. The attacker was joined in the attack by three other men in the bus,Cheap Jerseys From China, one of whom hit the bank employee in his head.The driver of the bus,Nike Roshe Run Sale Outlet, which was filled with passengers, then stopped the vehicle upon seeing the commotion,Wholesale Jerseys NFL, and the men ran out and escaped.“The guy in the front seat tried to stab me in my neck,but he didn’t get through. He then stabbed me in my temple after he take away my phone,” Ledra told this publication at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.He added that the bus conductor and driver just drove off the bus without offering any assistance.Other passengers were also reluctant to intervene in the robbery even after he was injured.Ledra gave a statement to the police at the hospital.
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