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Cheap Jerseys From China nfdgnyvj

Postby dfr9xcdy66 » Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:41 am

Police at Wakenaam detained 10 secondary school children for using the road improperly while they were riding home from school shortly after 15:00 hrs,Wholesale China Jerseys, on Tuesday.The students were detained until 18:30 hrs when they were told to get their parents who were then instructed to sign a document before taking the children home.The parents were also told to walk with money and to report to the police station at 08:00 hrs yesterday since charges will be laid against them. No charges were laid,Cheap Football Jerseys, however.One parent told this newspaper that her child who lives six miles away had left home without lunch and had eaten nothing since morning.Another parent complained that her Form Three son was told by a rank that he would be taken to the Boy School (NOC).The age ranges of the children ranged from 12 to 16.  The parents are calling for an investigation into the incident.This is the first time that school children returning from classes have been held for this traffic offence.
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