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The security threat at the Camp Street penitentiary is still a factor that needs to be looked into even though the relevant prison authority is claiming that everything is “all well and good”.SECURITYIn light of a prisoner escaping from the Camp Street jail, a prison officer has been sent home pending further investigation. This newspaper was informed that senior prison officials argue that the interdicted officer was stationed in one of the four towers in the prison compound on the night of the escape.But contrary to the authorities’ allegation, the prisoner was carrying out chores when he took the opportunity to walk out of the compound. Most nights if not all,Cheap Jerseys USA, two or three prison warders are tasked with maintaining security for a 12-hour period.A prison officer added that prisoners are well aware that during the night there is opportunity to make a dash for freedom and will more than likely escape unnoticed.Several prison warders believe that their life is at a great risk while working within the prison walls.They took the opportunity to call upon Director of Prisons,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, Dale Erskine, to stop painting a perfect picture of the grave situation and to let the Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, be aware of the plight of the Camp Street jail.They went on to explain that it makes no sense to be informing the public on illegal items seize from inmates and then within minutes of the discovery those same items are marketed to the owners.MEDICALAnother concern that requires attention is the condition of the ‘Social dormitory’ where mentally ailing inmates are housed. The source described the condition there as dreadful. Those inmates who are deemed mentally unfit are taken to that dorm after a medical examination is conducted upon their admittance to the prison.The Social dormitory houses both remand and sentenced prisoners. It is located close to the brick prison,Jerseys From China, commonly called ‘Bricks’. The population is just over 19 and inmates are forced to sleep on the ground. The source said that no bed is placed in that area due to the state of the inmates’ illness.“The prison doesn’t put beds in there because the inmates usually destroy them,Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Arsenal Jersey UK,” mentioned that source. Those inmates are taken out of their dormitory to shower. This practice is carried out seldom making that location unhealthy for humans to inhabit. “There is an officer that is tasked with looking after that area and it is only when he thinks those inmates should bath that they are taken out and that is not done too often.The doctor visits one or twice per month to examine mentally ill prisoners but the source claimed that the doctor hardly spent any time looking after patients.When asked about the other inmates’ health issues, the source stated that a medex more often than not,Cheap NFL Jerseys, listens to medical complaints from the others prisoners before offering them probably some panadol or aspirin.If there are cases that the inmate’s complaint is grave he is forwarded to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) or the prison infirmary.“Some of those prisoners at the infirmary are not even sick but just because them and the senior officers are friends or family they are in there.”One example involves a particular inmate known as the “Mother of the prison”. This person is allowed to live in the infirmary, comforted by a television set and mosquito netting.There was one occurrence when a junior officer saw the said prisoner in possession of a cellular phone and took it away. That officer was reportedly ordered to hand back the phone.The source also spoke about the death of murder accused Clive Hanover. This man complained of feeling unwell about several days prior to his death.Kaieteur News understands that Hanover during his last days told medical personnel at the penal complex that he felt like he had contracted malaria it was for that reason that the medex give him a quantity of Panadol.He was however sent back to his cell even though he was experiencing pain and was unable to walk. A few days later Hanover died.ILLEGAL DOINGSIn recent times, there have been allegations of illegal activities carried out by prison officers inside the penitentiary.One prison officer stationed at the Camp Street jail, said that a convict who is the tailor shop orderly is given special treatment. An officer was lately transferred to Timehri prison after she was implicated in the smuggling of a cell phone into the prison.Another officer was transferred from the finance department of the Guyana Prison Service (GPS) to the Camp Street penitentiary after she embezzled over $200,NBA Jerseys From China,000, property of her employer.That move was not well received by other officers who claim that many wrongdoings by certain officers go down without them being disciplined.The furious warders made reference to one of their colleagues who was interdicted for allegedly beating a prisoner. They said that most days senior warders brutalise inmates to the extent that their victims suffer broken arms and legs and nothing is ever done to those ranks.According to the source those “untouchable warders” are associates of persons in higher authority.  Just recently a prison officer maltreated an inmate after an officer suspected that he was the individual who picked up a parcel that was flung over the prison wall by a civilian.After enduring the brutality the prisoner was thrown into solitary confinement.
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