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Kyrie Irving Jersey kxh01a4i

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Attorney Gail S. Seeram,Nike Tns Wholesale, Through this “Question & Answer” column,Cheap Jerseys Online, our goal is to answer your immigration questions.  We appreciate your comments and questions.  If you have a question that you would like answered in this column,Cheap Jerseys, please email: [email protected]Question #1:    My cousin who has a 10-year US holiday visa. She plans on getting marry to her boyfriend who will soon become a citizen of the US. She wants to know if she can get marry in the US and then return to Guyana and await her sponsorship. Anxiously awaiting your reply.Answer #1:       It is faster if your cousin marries in the U.S. while visiting and process immigration petitions in U.S. (only three months) versus returning to Guyana where processing can take one year.Question #2:     Hi, can u tell me how far is the sponsorship for single child by permanent mother?Answer #2:    If the child is under age 21 then visas are available (with no backlog) and processing time is one year.  If child is over age 21 then there is a seven-year backlog and visas being issued right now for petitions filed on or before February 2006.Question #3: I just have one question regarding the US sponsorship.  My husband is in the United States for one year and a half. He got his green card and he came back and we got married and he applied for a permanent visa for me on April 5,Jerseys Authentic Stitched, 2013. He also hired a lawyer to help with the paper work. I just wanted to know how long it takes for my visa to be issued since I already checked the status and it shows initial review.Answer #3:    According to September 2013 visa bulletin, there is no backlog for visas for the spouse of a permanent resident (or green card holder).  However,Wholesale Jerseys, the processing time can take up to one year.  Your husband should be receiving an approval notice no later than October 2013.  After date,Undefeated Air Max 97 White, he will receive request for visa fees and other documents from the National Visa Center.Question #4:    I live in Guyana.  My mom filed a petition for me in 2008 June as F2B family preference then she upgraded the petition in November 2009 to F-1 category when she became a US citizen. I am single and have no children. I would like to know how long more do I have to wait?Answer #4:     According to September 2013 visa bulletin,Jerseys From China, visas are available for petitions filed on or before September 2006 for F-1 preference or unmarried child of a U.S. citizen.  So, you have about a two-year wait.
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