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(By Mondale Smith)The most outstanding ranks off of the just concluded course stand for a photo opportunity with senior Police officers and Police Chief Seelall PersaudAll things being equal, by the end of next year Guyana will see an additional 1200 new police ranks deployed said Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud DSM. Coupled with this is a grant from a yet unnamed foreign international agency to the tune of several million US dollars to boost the Guyana Police Force transportation capacity.This is happening even as the Guyana Police Force is seeing what it dubs a massive increase of young people joining the ranks in recent times.Force training officer, Senior Superintendant Paul Williams said that the strength of the Guyana Police Force was further boosted by 136 new constables drawn from across Guyana. They graduated yesterday from the Felix Austin Police College.The passing out parade which took place at the Tactical Services Unit Square,Wholesale Authentic NHL Jerseys, Eve Leary,Cheap Jerseys, followed six months of training which exposed recruits to the basic and essential principles of policing, practices and procedures,NFL Jerseys Wholesale From China, foot and arms drills,Cheap NFL Jerseys, physical exercise,NFL Jerseys Outlet, self-defense tactics and firearm training theory as well as live firing exercises.Senior Superintendant Williams assured that contrary to the belief of the force being a last resort for many that are unqualified the new ranks who graduated yesterday includes more than 47 constables who attained passes in excess of eight CSEC subjects with grades one to three.“From this year we have started to recruit in batches and this is our first that has completed training. About 240 more recruits will begin training on Monday.” According to Senior Superintendant Williams this method will be continuous every six months.”Commissioner Persaud lauded the ranks for their sacrifices, time, energies and for surviving the physical as well as mental rigours of the training. He encouraged the ranks to remain committed to their choice and not to forget their oath of office. The oath is the linchpin of their career.“You are now at the launch pad of your career that can see you to the age of 55. Don’t throw it away by forgetting or not applying the laws, regulations, rules procedures and tactics that you would have learnt.“Commissioner Persaud reminded the ranks that training is over. “From here on you will be operating in the real world where there would be a great demand for (you) to address the challenges of this world, (a world) with many crises that lack political intrusion, protracted conflicts and displacement. These are the new norms in addition to global trends such as climate change, organization income inequality,NFL Jerseys Outlet, food insecurity and resource scarcity.“These things are increasing people’s vulnerability and it is your job to keep people safe from harm.”He told the ranks that there is no need for anxiety. Instead he told them to remain confident as history has shown the force’s constant adaptation and resilience in treating with challenges that have confronted the organization during different periods and time.As part of training they learnt the virtues of self discipline, courage,China Jerseys Free Shipping, skill and integrity but the commissioner admonished them to understand that “there is no virtue in ignorance, but there is great power in continuing to seek knowledge which will take you through.”Commissioner Seelall also advised that the people of the communities in which they will be deployed to serve, will expect protection from harm. They will expect police to be great role models to their children while ensuring their safety and protection of their homes, schools and business with a smile their faces and a word of courtesy at all times.He encouraged them to be prepared to be cool and composed while facing criticism without taking it personal, despite of the most intense pressures.The commissioner also posthumously recognized education stalwart Samuel Augustus Small A.A for his contribution of human resource development for more than 38 years of selfless dedication to the force, with a plaque to his wife.
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