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Wholesale Jerseys however

Postby y3w9s0d5r » Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:35 pm

A citizen of the United States of America came to Kaieteur News frustrated and alleged that Eggi’s Express Shipping had robbed him of two fridges, four barrels and a box. He even blamed the government for seizing his merchandise.According to Dave Rodney,Wholesale Jerseys Online, while he was in America he sent two fridges in 2008 and four barrels and a box on March 4, last year. He said that he sent his wife to collect the cargo since she was in Guyana.However,Cheap NFL Jerseys, she was told she needed to have some authorisation because the cargo was not sent in her name.He said his wife told him the cargo was cleared and when the authorisation was sent everything would be ok.However, he said that he was scheduled to visit Guyana and decided not to send the authorisation and to clear the cargo himself since he sent it in his own name.Rodney said after he visited Eggi’s Express Shipping, a female by the name of Denise told him that the law had changed and from January 4,Cheap NFL Jerseys, all monies have to be paid in New York before his merchandise can be uplifted in Guyana. “She said my merchandise is on the wharf and before she can give it to me I have to pay all the money up there (New York)” he said.He stated that he called New York and was told that the office in Guyana already has all the information and that he only has to pay to uplift his merchandise.Despite relating this to the representative of Eggi’s Express Shipping on Monday last,Cheap Basketball Jerseys, he was further given the royal run around. He said that Denise told him that she had not spoken to her boss since he was not in the country.However, Rodney made a call to the representative in New York and spoke to Mr. Eggi directly and was told that all he had to do was pay for his cargo and he would call and pass on the message to the Guyana representative.Rodney explained that the Manager then called him and in the company of his aunt and wife,China NFL Jerseys, told him that “the Guyana Government customs seized all my cargo because it was there long.”He then reminded them that he was told previously that his cargo was at the wharf. Upon hearing this he asked for documents which would prove that the Government seized his cargo, and he was asked to return and did so Wednesday last.This time he was told that the documents are not prepared as yet.  The frustrated man then said he visited the Ruimveldt Police Station and made a report of what was transpiring.He further said that the police told the manager to visit the police station. The manager turned up with a lawyer Thursday at the station and was hostile toward him.  Rodney said that the manager who changed his story at the station told the police that the owner, Mr. Eggi, sold his cargo to recovery the cost of shipping for the freight in the amount of US$1,000.The man is claiming that if that was the case he should have been contacted and he would have made the relevant payments, however,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, now he is being robbed of his cargo by Eggi’s Express Shipping and wants the relevant authorities to acknowledge the trickery and frustration.This newspaper tried to contact Eggi’s Express Shipping but failed.When Ruimveldt Police Station was contacted an officer said he had no knowledge of the matter being reported at the station.
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