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Postby dfr9xcdy66 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:45 pm

Employees of the Enmore/ Hope Neighbourhood Democratic Council are up in arms against the Chairman and Councillors of the NDC because they have not been paid since October last year.Officials of the NDC refused to offer an explanation when contacted by this publication.Garbage collectors,Jerseys Wholesale, a Contractor and Watchmen have been pleading with the NDC’s Chairman for their wages to no avail.Employees have claimed that they have been borrowing money from kind relatives over the past four months to survive.The Christmas holidays were gloomy for their families. Those with children were unable to provide them with new attire for back to school.One employee reported that the Chairman kept blaming staff of the Ministry of Local Government for not releasing funds. The employee wanted to know why they couldn’t be paid from revenue so far collected in 2013,Wholesale Jerseys From China, which was reportedly not being deposited into the bank.The situation has led to garbage not being collected for weeks,Cheap NFL Jerseys Online, resulting in residents dumping garbage along the streets in the district.It is the general feeling that the Chairman is not coming clean and something is amiss with the finances of the NDC.Another attempt on Friday morning to reach the Chairman proved futile.In the meantime,Jerseys From China, employees are being threatened with dismissal and political alienation if they continue to ask for their wages.
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