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Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping a handgun

Postby sei5trov9 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:02 pm

CHESNEY VILLAGE, ALBION – The residents of Chesney Village on the Corentyne are still trying to come to grips with Saturday night’s reign of terror.Yesterday some of them condemned the slothful attitude of ranks at the Albion Police Station.Mohanie Ramkellawan and her grandson Ravie RamkellawanMany of them claimed that if ranks had responded promptly the robbers in Saturday night’s incident, which left one villager dead, could have been apprehended.The bandits attacked three homes,Adidas NHL Jerseys China, each of which supported a shop. Two of these homes are side by side and a street separates the third.The incident started about 19:00 hours on Saturday just as a 53-year-old businessman Amarnauth Jaggernauth of Back Street, Chesney was about to close his premises for the night.Four masked men, who carried a shotgun, a handgun, and cutlasses, approached him and discharged a round from the shotgun, hitting him in the abdomen and thighs.The robbers then took him to his home and held his wife hostage. They allegedly made off with his licensed revolver, a quantity of ammunition, $500,000, jewellery and phone cards.The next stop the bandits attacked was Jaggernauth’s next-door neighbour – Maniram Doodnauth. That family had already fled their home after hearing the gunshots. The gunmen rummaged through the home and took two mobile phones and jewellery.The homeowners later said that no cash was stolen as was reported in some sections of the media.As the bandits were leaving the Doodnauths,Cheap NFL Jerseys, they discharged another round from the shotgun, in the process, striking 34-year-old labourer Ganesh Ramkellawan in the chest. At the time the man was by his gate. He was subsequently pronounced dead on arrival at the New Amsterdam Hospital.The police in Berbice later recovered five spent and one live 12-gauge cartridge from the scene.According to the residents, Chesney is a closely-knit community. “We never expect something like this to happen in Chesney…unbelievable. It is always calm in Chesney.”At the home of Maniram Doodnauth, the family is now living in fear and said life must go on but some changes should be made.Generally, the people in the community are calling for streetlights in that part of Albion. They also want a police presence. According to them, the Albion Police Station is about ten to 15 minutes away and as such an outpost should be placed at Chesney or there should be frequent police patrols.One resident said,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, “When anything happen and you call police,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, they don’t reach in time.”Yet, the very residents are claiming that this is the first major incident for their little community situated a stone’s throw from the Guyana Sugar Corporation’s Albion Estate.They claimed that on Saturday night, the police ranks responded more than 30 minutes after the incident. Another thing they are saying is that the detectives did not bother to search the community that night for the bandits choosing instead to take statements.“All them asking yuh is, ‘Wha yuh loss?’ If them did come within a ten or 15 minutes them would get them thief man.”Another said,Wholesale MLB Jerseys, “Robbery nah nuttin’, man get kill is nah nuttin’ but when husband and wife get story, then them a come. Robbery nah important. The police seh them ain’t know where Chesney deh.”The dead man, Ganesh Ramkellawan, was father to eight-year-old Ravie Ramkellawan.At his home, his mother Mohanie Ramkellawan claimed that the police team arrived on the scene some 45 minutes after the incident.She recalled that she brought her husband from the United States to Guyana on March 13. He died soon after. “My husband died five weeks ago and so many people come here – space nah been deh, now me pickney dead and nobody come. Everybody ah seh them ‘fraid fuh come nighttime. I was depending on my son,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, now he gone.”She said she would have expected the late arrival by the police ranks back in the days when there were no telephones in the community. “But not now! The police nah come from Georgetown to look fuh the bandits, they coming from here in Albion. Is Albion (Police Station) we call.”The grieving mother said the image of her dead son would remain with her. “If he had a broken foot I woulda mend he…but what am I going to mend now? We didn’t know when he was shot. When we come over back he was already dead. He use to stand up by this very gate and smoke he cigarette. Me woulda content if me did get to give me son a spoon of water fuh the last.”According to police reports, up to yesterday Monday afternoon no one was arrested for the incident and the investigation continues.
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