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Punitive measures could be the next move embraced by the Ministry of Health, if moves at education and suasion are not readily accepted by residents to ensure that public health regulations are in place.This was the assertion of Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, who revealed that this is particularly intended for those residing in the mining communities, who if errant,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, can provide the ideal environment for vector-borne diseases, among others, to easily thrive.Moreover, the Minister noted that “we are going to be looking at that and at the same time we hopeDr. Bheri Ramsaranthe media will join with us when punitive measures have to be taken. You do education,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, you do suasion and some more suasion, but then there must be some intervention, which I hope will be supported by the media…and I want to call on the media to help us with education too.”His comments were forthcoming in wake of the recent outbreak of gastroenteritis in Region One.Investigative work undertaken by officials within the health sector, backed by other relevant agencies, was able to reveal that the disease which claimed at least three lives and infected more than 500 was linked to the insanitary condition of the waterways.According to Minister Ramsaran,wholesale jerseys, this state of affairs represents an ongoing struggle for the health sector, even as he questioned “who throws styrofoam boxes, cans and plastic bags into a beautiful river?”Moreover,Cheap NFL Jerseys, he said that even before the media had become privy to the outbreak, the Health Ministry already had people on the ground investigating and according to him “we have been working with the communities and there are now even certain restricted areas in some communities for disposal.” This proactive move, according to the Minister, is one geared at winning the public over, in order to have them too embrace public health practices.  As such he noted, “We have been continuing on a regular basis to have (sensitisation) flyers out there, but probably we need to do more…”At a recent malaria conference, Minister Ramsaran said that “we pointed out that we would be setting up, for example, certain community-based organisations in malaria communities hoping that they would spread this information, but there is just that much that the Ministry of Health can do”.For this reason, he noted that the Ministry will have to seek to rely on, for example,Wholesale Football Jerseys, the enforcement capacity of the Regional Democratic Council and its arm, but “we will take some genuine criticisms and work on it with the joint force that the Chief Medical Officer is putting together to talk to the communities.”Dr. Ramsaran emphasised that proactive measures have since influenced positive responses, whereby people are being more mindful of their surroundings. He pointed to the fact that although persons would usually adhere during a crisis situation after the threat subsides “we usually go back to our old habits.”He said that the situation in the mining communities can be further compounded, because the population is known to change over time. “There are a lot of dynamics…a lot of people are coming in and have the ‘want to get rich quick’ mentality and these things are known”. He noted that the Ministry will be working in collaboration with the relevant authorities to ensure that measures are in place to aid proper public health recommended practices.Among these, the Minister said,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, are the construction of pit latrines, which he disclosed “must be built in a certain fashion, at a certain depth, in certain soil and certain distances from certain structures and water supply”.“It is not rocket science you can’t build your latrine wherever it is convenient to you but where it is in accordance with public health recommended practices,” added the Minister.
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