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Cristopher Toselli Chile Jersey xnvwzwoo

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–    June sessions commence todayJustice Brassington Reynolds yesterday brought to an end the 2013 Demerara April Criminal Assizes.  A total of 219 cases were listed to be heard during this assizes by the three presiding judges Justice Navindra Singh,wholesale nfl jerseys, Justice James Bovell-Drakes and Justice Brassington Reynolds.Some (12) matters were disposed of during this sitting, ten of which were for the offence of Murder,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, one (1) for the offence of Rape, and one (1) for the offence of Incest.Justice Singh disposed eight (8) cases which were for the offences of Murder, Rape and Incest. There were five not guilty verdicts, one guilty verdict, one hung jury and one was dismissed for insufficient evidence.Justice James Bovell-Drakes completed one (1) case for the offence of Murder and the verdict was not guilty. Justice Brassington Reynolds completed four (4) cases for the offence of Murder in which two were found to be guilty, one was formally discharged because of insufficient evidence and one not guilty.During this time the Essequibo February Criminal Assizes which commenced on Tuesday 19th February,China NFL Jerseys, 2013 and continued during April and May, concluded on Tuesday 20th May,cheap nfl jerseys, 2013. Twenty-two (22) cases were listed for trial during this session which was presided over by Justice Franklin Holder.During this period two cases were disposed of, but Justice Holder completed one (1) matter while the other matter was “nolle prosequi” by the DPP. The one case completed is for the offence of Attempted Murder in which the accused was found guilty and sentenced to ten years imprisonment.Further the DPP “nolle prosequi” one (1) matter for the offence of Rape which was in pursuant of the 2013 Amendment of the Sexual Offences Act 2010. The DPP however discontinued the charge so that the matter can have the benefit of the Amendment.On May 21st the Essequibo Criminal Assizes was opened and is still in progress.  One murder trial is being heard presently.  At the same time Madam Justice Dawn Gregory sat in the Berbice February Assizes which opened on Tuesday February 5, 2013. Forty-five (45) cases were listed for trial during this session. During the months of April and May three matters received attention while five matters were “nolle prosequi” by the DPP for different reasons. This session will continue until June 17, 2013.In the three matters, one of the accused was found guilty by the jury for the lesser offence of Manslaughter and was sentenced to ten years imprisonment while the accused in the second matter for the offence of carnal knowledge of a girl under 15 years was ordered to face a re-trial after a hung jury was returned.In the third matter for the offence of Murder,China Jerseys, the accused was freed after the jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty of Murder and of the lesser offence of Manslaughter. The five matters “nolle prosequi” by the DPP were for the offences of Murder,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, Sexual Activity with a Child Family Member, Rape, Attempt to Commit Murder and Carnal Knowledge.In two separate cases for the offences of Murder and Attempted Murder,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, the matters were nolle prosequi because the accused persons died while awaiting trial. The other three matters were nolle prosequi because the virtual complainants indicated that they no longer wished to proceed with these matters.The Demerara June 2013 Criminal Assizes are scheduled to commence today and some 219 cases are listed to be heard during the session before Justice Navindra Singh and Justice Brassington Reynolds. The Essequibo Assizes continue before Justice Franklin Holder and the next Berbice Assizes will start on Tuesday June 18, 2013 before Justice Dawn Gregory.
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