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Wholesale NFL Jerseys Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett

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…estimates that 210,Cheap Jerseys From China,000 citizens stand to lose nationality The Guyana Government has registered its concern over a recent High Court Ruling in the Dominican Republic. It has described the ruling as indiscriminate and inhumane.Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues-BirkettThe Foreign Affairs Ministry in a public missive yesterday said that on Tuesday last Substantive Minister,Wholesale China Jerseys, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, was briefed at Takuba Lodge by Pierre-Richard Casimir, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Haiti on the recent ruling of the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic and its implications for the citizens of that island nation of Haitian descent.Minister Casimir was accompanied by Ambassador,Cheap Jerseys, Guy Alexandre, Consultant and former Ambassador of Haiti to the Dominican Republic; Jean Claude Cenatus, Member of the Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs; and Marie Helene Sandra Tybule.According to the public missive,Cheap Jerseys Online, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to register its deep concern over the indiscriminate ruling which stipulates that children born in the Dominican Republic of undocumented migrants, who have been in the Dominican Republic and registered as citizens of the Dominican Republic as far back as 1929,Cheap Jerseys USA, cannot have Dominican nationality as the parents would be considered as in-transit.”According to the Foreign Affairs Ministry,Wholesale China Jerseys, the decision could result in the loss of nationality of an estimated 210,000 citizens of the Dominican Republic of Haitian descent.“This is a violation of the human and political rights of these citizens and the impact of the implementation of this ruling could be catastrophic.”The Ministry has since advised that Guyana encourages the Dominican Republic to give serious consideration regarding the application of the ruling, in view of the valued contribution made by those persons to the development of the Dominican Republic and more so in safeguarding their human rights.“The Government of Guyana calls on the relevant authorities of the Dominican Republic to respect the right to nationality and international human rights principles.”The Ministry says that Guyana stands in solidarity with its sister CARICOM Member State of Haiti in support of its efforts to build international consensus against this inhumane ruling.
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