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Wholesale Jerseys uovaxs3r

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– house torched, attempts allegedly made to recruit ‘hit man’   A British national with ties to Guyana says that he fears that he may become a casualty in a property disputeSalahuddin Saleemmurder that has been keeping police here busy.Salahuddin Saleem, who is married to a Guyanese, is claiming that individuals are trying to get their hands on rice-land that is his wife’s property. He believes that some of the same individuals torched a Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice house that a relative asked his wife to oversee.He also claims that the individuals have been encroaching on the rice-land, also located at Bush Lot, to harvest his rice. Cutlass-wielding men have also threatened him with physical harm,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, he said.Worst of all,NFL Jerseys China Wholesale, Saleem alleged that the culprits have even hired someone to kill him. He said that he was spared because the man knew him and refused to do the job.Saleem,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, who has been in Guyana for the past two years, said that his troubles started at around 2012, when his Guyana-born wife acquired a property that a bank had re-possessed.He claimed that it was then that some individuals claimed that the property was theirs and began to harass him and his workers.“When we plough the land we have to get armed guards.  They came and threatened us with machetes,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, and they came with combines to harvest our rice,” added Mr. Saleem,Wholesale Jerseys, who provided Kaieteur News with photographs of two of the alleged culprits brandishing pieces of wood.He claimed that in June 28, last, a Bush Lot property that a relative had placed his wife in charge of went up in flames. According to Mr. Saleem, investigators from the Guyana Fire Service determined that it was arson.According to him, an individual, who allegedly set the fire, is known to complain of not being paid for doing the job, whenever he is intoxicated.Saleem also claimed that last November, the same individuals who were coveting his rice land had tried to hire a man to kill him and other relatives. But he said that the man knew him and refused to do the job.  The British national claims to have a recording of the ‘hit man’ speaking to the individuals who had tried to recruit him.One of the individuals who allegedly threatened Mr. Saleem.Armed with this information,  Saleem said he made  a report  to police officials in Georgetown , he was then directed to the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam,Cheap Jerseys From China, Berbice.He said that police at Berbice questioned some of the individuals, but they claimed that they needed more information. He claimed that the man that the individuals had hired also gave a statement.“They were put on bail,” Saleem said.  “They kept saying that they have sent a file to the DPP,China Jerseys Wholesale, but no file is with the DPP.”Expressing disappointment with the response of the police, Saleem was concerned that the alleged culprits could injure or even kill him if the authorities fail to act on his matter quickly.A senior police official confirmed that he is aware of the allegations, but urged Mr. Saleem to have trust in the ranks to whom he has filed the complaints.
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